Saturday, 20 November 2010

FASHION & STYLE: Dooo oooooh, ooooh ooooh

Inspiration can quite literally strike anywhere. Instead of doing something useful today, I've spent it watching doctor who, then googling/tumblring/weheartit-ing/  various related things. So its become today's fashion inspiration. Tonight's makeup will be some electric blue eyeshadow and thick and heavy eyeliner & mascara - channeling the tardis and Rose in one. And now I'm feeling the need to go and buy some white converse, but i'll stop at a brown pinstripe suit.

                            50's style tomorrow then?

Thursday, 11 November 2010

BOOKS & MAGAZINES: A glossy love affair.

At first it’s the confusion of tearing the plastic that protects the free gifts and adverts from falling away. Which way is best? Its not to be opened a moment before you can delve and uncover the full glory within its pages. Its then the snap and almost slightly fizzing noise of the glue as you peel away the wrapper. Laying it out, preparing to make the first crease into the page, no one else can. You dare not go for it all at once, its just a precious skim, careful not to mark any of the pages. This will last years if you treat in right, its not just a magazine, it’s a piece of history. You can’t throw away all this time and effort,your making an investment here. Thousand of pounds go into every issue and although eventually the cover star’s spotlight may have faded and the pages will change colour and decay, in your memory the magazine will always stay shiny, its what inspired and made you more like who you want to be.

That is the beauty of magazines; they go further then just the gloss on the pages, further then the adverts or free fragrance samples . it’s a fantasy world catalogue, helping you to reach your full potential.