Tuesday, 28 December 2010

FASHION & STYLE: Flashback

I'm only blogging because I look about 12. I'm in a checked shirt and Skinny Jeans, hello emo phase.

To me now, this outfit is such a weird concept to grasp. I mean I still own about seven checked shirts that I just can't bear to throw out - they hold the memories of learning a sense of individuality and trying to find my fashion identity.

flash back two and a half years and it was all I'd ever be wearing. My wardrobe was filled with every possible colour you could imagine.

I guess everyone has them pair of jeans though? the worn in ones that you can't wear to part with. Well these are mine despite the fact I never wear them.

Don't worry, I won't have eyeliner half way down my face anytime soon.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


I've realised how much I love winter. All them layers, the snow that makes everything look nicer. Twinkling lights and Starbucks trips - Costa just can't compete when it hits October. There is just something so magical about the season, the constant buzz of excitement in the air. "When are you putting your tree up?" or "i forgot to open my advent calender" said with genuine sadness. I love the last minute shopping, and the wrapping and the tinsel - and well everything. Christmas cards are a joy to receive as is seeing people you only see this time of the year. Buying your Christmas clothes and finally breaking up from school. Were not yet ready to embrace the new year yet, change is a scary thing. Were just ready to sparkle this December.

                                 Winter/ Christmas Inspiration.

                                           I'll be leaving a mince pie out for father Christmas.

Friday, 3 December 2010


I've learnt a lot over the past couple of days. For me everything has been put into perspective somehow.
I now realise more then ever to be grateful for what I have and never to take for granted who I have around me. My Church is such a blessing and my leaders and  friends there just inspire me so much and make me understand what is important and encourage me to keep going when things get hard and to remember I'll always have both God and them to lean on. I realise even more I have an amazing best friend and I know it will stay that way forever because I couldn't live without her. Going and helping sort shoes boxes has made me realise were such a selfish society, we always want more when we are unbelievably lucky to even have clean water, Knowing that the children would be so happy with the little amount they were getting was actually quite emotional, I wish we were all so much more happy to receive the stupid amounts of presents we will get this year. Then here is the big shocker; I think fashion is pointless. More on that another time. Just please, realise how lucky you are and go out and live your life