Saturday, 23 April 2011

FASHION & STYLE: Forget the chocolate..

I've been free from shopping (well purchasing) for a whole 38 days. To some of you less enthusiast spenders that might sound a relief, but for me its been anything but because well, I like to shop. "Like" is a huge understatement. I LOVE to shop, I think its something to do with being a stingy child who always saved there money. But, its not like I splurge on particular items by any means. What words comes with shopping? SALE!

That love my friends comes from spending almost every single Sunday in town with my nan since I was probably about four, lets just say she has brought out the bargain hunter in me. "Why pay full price when you don't have too?."

Come Easter Sunday, I'll be free to purchase what I want. Though take a look at these beauties I've had my eye on, All full price sadly.
Ahhh! Swedish Hasbeens for H&M. These Lovely Wedges are absolutely gorgeous, I ran straight over after spying them on the escalator. The rubber heels are a perfect alternative to the standard cork floating around in summer & the coffee coloured laces add a little something extra don't you think? £39.99

I'll tell you something, the photo really doesn't give it any credit. This little O&O dress may look pretty average, but believe me its just wondrous. The style of the dress works for most figures, creating curves or defining them and its simple enough to dress up with a smart blazer and heels or down with gladiators and a straw hat. I'd say with the £40 price tag this dress is a worthwhile investment - colour blocking is big news. Its also available in other rich jewel tones. See for yourself the quality at Urban Outfitters.
Do you ever find yourself still liking something from your childhood a little bit too much? I do. Escaping Dungarees seems impossible, there all over the high street at the moment. With seeing so many my decision of which ones to buy has been rather extensive but I've settled on these since there without pretence. I didn't want a pair with a stone wash effect or with added holes or rips, I wanted good, honest and solid ones.
They sell themselves, I'm going to be forever young. £42, Topshop.

Everybody needs a satchel, regardless of gender. There practical yet stylish and have infiltrated shops recently. (Thanks Emma Hill) We just can't seem to get enough of them. I'm currently coveting this one from Zara, do I need to inform you of colour blocking again? So at £25.99, I'd say you should at least think about it - then wait for the sale.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


After Alexander McQueen's untimely and tragic death we were all left wondering who on earth could possibly even attempt to try and fill the gaping hole left behind by such a creative visionary who produced what seemed like such delicate breathtaking shows with such ease and triumph.

Then into the frame stepped Sarah Burton. Unsure and hesitant were we all. There was something unnerving about the idea of McQueen in a new age that scared us slightly and its a great risk, one that few would be prepared to take. After all, it could make or break your career.

Effectively you have to deliver the same outstanding quality paired with inspiration, creative talent and knowledge yet at the same time bring a new viewpoint to McQueen's vision without dramatically shaping the label differently, and add your own stamp. Well, its not for the fainthearted.

But come showtime, quite literally its its fair to say we were all pretty impressed, She'd managed to do all of the above and like McQueen's - she made it look easy. With all this said you'd expect her to stay loyal - for a good few years at least... but fashion buzz is all around and rumour has it she could be off to be a certain someones replacement at Dior.

Friday, 8 April 2011

MODELS: Them Burberry boys.

These days, a model is not just there to stand and simply pose for a picture. Oh no, they have a long CV listing titles such as perfume designer, actor, musician, Author, Guest Editor. Some even branch out and take a turn behind the camera or decide its time after years wearing other peoples clothes to begin designing there own.

 A model can become a brand, some are well at the height of success and some are slowly climbing the rungs on the ladder to the all important stardom. we've even seen Agyness's long awaited return to Vogue this month after what seems like a season or two without her really fronting a major campaign  But by no means do they have to be female to achieve a cult following and celebrity rating.

 I currently have a few little obsessions; Tom Hughes, George Craig & Douglas Booth. What connects them? They all modelled for Burberry. It actually took me a while to realise where I'd seen them before but I didn't think of any of them primarily as models. So what else do they have to list?

                                                        Tom Hughes
Tom Hughes is from Chester, so he's pretty local to us. He's been in two films recently, Cemetery Junction and Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. And he's also starred in two TV drama's; Trinity & Silk. After some minor stalking I discovered he plays guitar (who doesn't these days?) and his band is called The Quaintways.
Fancy a listen? Two songs on the bands myspace page is your best bet.  Age? 24.

                                                                    George Craig
Most people know Yorkshire boy  George Craig. I'm just using this as an excuse to talk about him. He's a 90's child and I knew him first as the front man of One Night Only. Though he gained serious publicity when he dated Hogwarts actress Emma Watson last summer, she even appeared in the bands  'Say you don't want it' video. I wonder, would he rather be known for he musical ability or Cheekbones and floppy hair.
age? 20.

Douglas Booth
                You'd have a point in saying that Londoner Douglas Booth only really rose to fame last year. Although he's been in several films and TV shows people only really started to take notice when he played Boy George in 'worried about the boy' shown on BBC2 last year. I'm most looking forward to seeing him in co starring with Miley Cyrus in' LOL: Laughing Out Loud' which is due to be released sometime this year. He's not yet in a band but he can play an instrument...the trumpet!
                                                            Age? 18.

I wonder, where will they be in a couple of years? what will they be known as? In a society as fast and ever changing as ours you can re create yourself in a instant. Lets hope they stick around, even if its just for the bone structure they possess.