Sunday, 28 August 2011

RELIGION: Not just another Christian T-Shirt.

To describe S.O.S, is a pretty big challenge. In a sense it was more earthy grounded then the whole experience of Bakewell this year (I will get round to making the page, I promise) but you can't deny the huge out pouring of blessing on not just the whole week in general but in everything from the simple conversations, "ooh, what's your T-shirt say?" to the short but very thought provoking teaching in the morning.

Basically, It involved 4 days Serving Our Streets, (S.O.S, get it?) through all sorts of different activities and projects...we helped in a charity shop, served quite literally through helping out in a soup kitchen, ran a holiday club and sorted out people's gardens. We all gave up our time to do this for one reason in common, we wanted to share the love of Jesus to the people we pass every day in the street.  we wanted and still want to be a light to them and guide them to the one thing that there life is lacking in, we want to show them that they can only fill the emptiness inside them one way...the knowing God way.

If your reading this you might possibly think that I'm just chatting on about another God related project or event I've been too, believe me,  I'm not.  S.O.S was not just another Christian T-shirt I collected. It was a near week of changing peoples lives, of planting seeds of faith in to peoples hearts, and of showing them love.

S.O.S has not just continued a change in me, but its begun a change in others. A lesson of this is not to just devote a week of your time to serving God, but to surrender all your time, your God given time, to God himself. Always be on the look out for opportunities to be an example to others, Always be willing to love others regardless of the really could be the only chance they hear the amazing news of the grace that's been given freely to us.

Get up every day and remember your forgiven, remember you've got Jesus to cling onto and that should make you different. And if it doesn't...are you just simply collecting another Christian T-shirt?

Thursday, 18 August 2011

BEAUTY: A morning burst, for the blog and my skin.

I'm expanding, ahhhhh! No, don't look at me like that...It wasn't some big trail of thought I've been pondering on for months and I haven't carefully selected what I thought would be the exact right time to tell all you lovely readers, I washed my face, its as honest, boring and simple as that. I'm going to start writing about beauty!
Its not like I'm going to change my name to "Holy Shiny Tightss" or anything, I mean  although beauty is a huge topic in its own right It almost comes under the wide umbrella of fashion so I reckon I'm pretty alright in leaving it as it is. To clarify, I'm no beauty expert, but as always I've an opinion and that's what matters.

Anyway, back to the washing of the face... I'm basically going to do a little ramble of a product I just bought and tell all of you who haven't already got bored or my new venture about my skincare regime, or well, current lack of one. Lets just say I'm blessed to have pretty good skin, I hardly ever get spots and its pretty  smooth. Before I turned 14 I did the works, I'd cleanse, tone and moisturise every night without fail. Then for some unexplainable reason I simply halted it, blame it to increased levels of laziness and a decreased level of actually caring about my skin, I did indeed take it for granted!

I decided today my skin was a little bit, well lacking. Lacking in what I don't know exactly but its worth a shot at a new product isn't it?

I bought 'Clean & Clear' Morning energy down to the highly scientific reason of it smelling nice. (it really does, its supposedly lemon and papaya but since I've never smelt a papaya I'm trusting the lovely, fruit smell is not entirely artificial) and although it may be 11 at night, I decided to give it ago. I really like it and I'd recommend it if you feel your face needs a bit of a brightening up or a burst of energy. its exfoliating enough to make you feel as though your making progress with your skin even after using it just once without over doing it like some exfoliaters that often make your skin feel quite dried out and sometimes even sore if the face wash itself quite strong and takes a deep cleansing approach.

Its definitely a product that will remain a regular fixture on my bathroom shelf, especially for the coming Autumn and Winter months that can really play havoc with your skin and leave it feeling every dried out.

hmm...I'm thinking "Holy Shiny Tightss" after all...until next time...

Saturday, 13 August 2011

MODELS: The Anderson Effect.

Even though 'The Model Agency' both started and finished a little while ago, I've only just sat down with my good old pal 4OD to tune in and discover what life is really like at model agency Premier.
in stumbling upon the programme I've found myself a new favourite model. So get lost Agyness and Alexa... because Leomie Anderson is my latest obsession. All natural, never ending long legs and gloriously smooth, perfect skin. She also packs a punch when it comes to her own personal style, that leather jacket is something special.

She's one of the very rare people that you can look at with no makeup on, in there scruffs and still say "I want to look like her."  Something that drew me to Leomie is her personality, and they way it shines through in her editorial work. Miss Anderson brings life to the clothes she's wearing and she breathes fire onto the catwalk shows during fashion week - be it London or New York, Paris or Milan.

this post is short and sweet, I've got the Anderson effect.

Thursday, 11 August 2011


its rare, especially for a high street collection.  Though if that moment does appear, its worth talking about.
I'm thinking about the second when you walk into a shop and realise that you want to buy EVERYTHING.
Not in a shopping spree barely thinking about it, grab it all kind of feeling, but a sense of knowing how the amazing quality and design have been pared effortlessly together, creating items for your wardrobe that could not only stand out, but yet become interchangeable and almost essentials for day to day dressing as well as more formal affairs. Think of your dream collection: one that incorporates garments perfect for displaying a taste of your own personal style with still a definite nod at new season trends and key pieces to see you positively smiling into the coming months.

Out shining all the other attempts at this is Zara. A brand that always delivers a high level of craftsmanship but one that tends to sway towards more classic, neutral based tones, only adding a pop of colour of a hint of leopard every so often. That works exceptionally well, but when they do expand there collections limits its breathtaking. I walked into Zara and wanted to cradle every garment, to positively exclaim at its individual beauty yet nearly perfect well roundness as a whole collection.

the Zara TRF collection is obviously aimed at a more casual, slightly younger customer who looks to Zara to provide edgy basic tees, strong denim pieces and explosions of colour, be it through playful modern accessories or versatile dresses and trousers detectably less fitted then seen in the Woman's collection. The theme of strong textures and prints are various elements I obsess and crave in the hoard of clothes they tempt me with for A/W & the advertising itself clearly displays everything the brand aims for with its collection...

I love the flirtatious high spirit mood evoked by the clothing and atmosphere it delivers back to us as possible buyers. Although the clothing is of course marvelous, it is not to be taken to seriously. Its definitely a collection for having fun with fashion while still holding onto the threads of designer influences as opposed to becoming a boring fashion slave to scared to live and embrace the fabric as opposed to letting it dictate there lives. Take a look inside the store if you don't believe me, you'll be missing out if you don't.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

TRAVEL: Monochrome Musings.

After very unwisely staying up till 3AM this morning glued to Sky News for updates on the riot (because I'm just that sad and like to pick holes the current government) I'm understandably pretty tired, so tired in fact I'm in my PJ's. Therefore please ignore/excuse any pointless nonsense I may type here, headache combined with lack of sleep is not good for my keyboard nor imagination. But since Chester is so wonderful, I doubt I'll need to dream up more then a few adjectives and throw in some coma's occasionally.

My day, started like pretty much every other one involving a good friend and a place to be. In a Coffee shop. How nice does this drink look please? I actually only sipped bottled water, since I went for a soup instead. Admittedly it didn't look as nice as Mia's drink so I just casually snapped a photograph of hers instead.  If you've never been to Pret I seriously recommend you to try there hot chocolates, or brownies...or well both! There we chatted about the future, we're both after the high powered career in a industry we love, and we're not settling for anything that doesn't make us happy. Dreaming big and living it out is our plan.

Then we took a wander around the city and its lovely shops. What I love most about Chester is seeing the old combined with the new. Its a strange mix but I feel it fits the city, seeing such a modern and corparate company like Starbucks set into a old black and white building is crazy, but its just adds to the heritage of the place.

I see the beauty in a city I'm only partly familiar a lot easier then the one I've grew up in.
Of course Chester will have its bad parts too, just like Liverpool. But I'm currently caught up in its old world charm mixed with its youthful creative edge that supplies buskers and street shows that spill out onto the pavemment in amongst the browsing crowd.

Off to Oxfam did we go, gotta love a good rummage through unwanted and loved junk to find them precious items you can give a new home too. I love second vintage clothing, but I love old books too. I feel they crackle with charisma and charm, the words may tell one story but the pages tell another. Knowing something has had a life before you owned it is very intriguing, your left wondering who could have had your cheap quirky find and what it meant to them.
Of course this book is a pretty new one, but it made us laugh so much I made Mia pose with it. Who seriously even write a book like this? ahh life :')

I bought Madame Bovary as I've heard of it before and its all in French. Although I'm not going to be taking it as A Level in september I seem to have a little infactuation with France, well just Paris if I'm honest. I'm a girl, who likes fashion...need I say more? Ohhh to live in a cute cobbled street, buy fantastic macaroons and look effortlessly chic head to toe in Chanel....

Mere Christianity was 99p. I hear it talked about in Church a lot so I thought it wouldn't hurt to try it out and give it a read. Its by C.S Lewis, and yes he wrote Narnia. Basically he set out to prove God wasn't real and ended up becoming a Christian...just saying.

An Accidental Man...I liked the colour and It looked really old, It doesn't even have a blurb. And they say I waste my money...

Chester's my new favourite place, anyone fancy a trip?

Sunday, 7 August 2011

RELIGION: "Don't stop...Believingggggggg"

I'd like to think that all of you are still feeling that buzz, the excitement that comes from knowing God- be it for the first time, or after a re commitment of a faith a sort of a new confidence that God will once again be the person you look to for help and guidance and the one that trust not only with your future but everything around you presently. That is what I'd like to think is the case, but I guess for some it won't be.

Personally, I've came back from some camps and slotted straight back in society, almost without even realising the changes I need to make. Or I've left with a total "camp high", really excited to get to know Jesus and the minute I'm back home that bubble has been crushed by a family who aren't Christian or by myself, doing something I'd already decided I wouldn't. If your in a position where you've already given up on Jesus I want you to question the week we had, them 7 days filled with experiences of God and challange yourself as to why you've decided its not for you now? If it was to true then, why not now? Partly that will be because your not surrounded by a totally christian environment, society is one that wants to drag you down as opposed to build you up. But as followers of Jesus, we are expectant of that. The bible clearly points out we have "take up our cross" to submit to Jesus, and we're also warned it won't be easy. During in them times we have to rely on the strength of God, not the strength of ourselves. So I urge you to really question that decision.

or maybe your feeling pretty good with God still? then don't lose that attitude. If you feel like its hard to change who you are, Pray. If you feel stuck, Pray. No matter how good your relationship feels with God at the present time, keep going, keep praying. Try reading your bible, if anyone needs notes ask your church or I know a few I could recommend so comment on this post. Just keep going, Its so worth it.

The point of my first blog post on this is not losing that hope you have in Jesus. Keep getting excited about God, keep trying to move forward, don't lose that camp high. It does get harder I know, I feel it too but that's what prayer is there for, to share our worries and fears with God. Try it, Keep going. Don't lose that hope in God. Choosing to follow Jesus is an amazing decision, but so it choosing again and again, every single day.

Romans 12:12  "Rejoice in our confident hope, be patient in times of trouble, and keep on praying"

MISC: Here we go then...

My plan was orginally to write this introduction post yesterday, but I had only a short amount of time which meant all you lovely readers had to make do with my lustings for various Topshop products. I'm bringing to you all another regular feature, one that I believe is so much more inportant then the empty wants I hold for my wardrobe. I'm going to write it every week because its something I feel so very passionate about. I love fashion & Style, doesn't take a lot to work that one out does it now? but I also love God.

I called this blog holy tightss for a reason, (one being that holy tights was taken, so I opted for two S's instead) but on a more serious level it was because I actually wanted to combine my two favourite passions and past times. I believe that I can actually blog about them in perfect harmony so I felt it was time to actually create a regular "God" post too.

I'm inspired to write this because of Bakewell. Now I've been very selfish on this blog in the past and just assumed you'd all work out what it was without me giving you any insight at all, I'm in the process of writing a separate page all about so hold on for full details but basically its a Christian camp that changed my life, and that still continues to.

I will be aiming this post specifically for the members that attended bakewell this year, but also anyone else that reads my blog. I've been a member at Bakewell and I know how hard it is too keep going with God without regular fixes and when life just seems to hard. (Especially if your a new christian and haven't found a church yet)  So I'm hoping and praying that what I actually write will have some sort of message that could help you stay focused and commited to Christ. It will be a weekly thing so if anyone of you who reads this has and questions or anything in paticular I'd like to address in my blog just let me know!

The first post will be coming up shortly, so be ready!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

FASHION & STYLE: and the Queen...

After getting into the blogging spirit as of late I've decided to introduce some regular posts, to keep things consistent for you an all, I know - I'm just that kind. So hence I bring to you the first post of "If I were a millionaire", Instead of billionaire like, because Bruno did that one too well.

Basically Its Just a hopeless sort of ramble about what clothes/shoes, things in general I'm racing to get my hands after, that are all expensive for me to buy. To you they may seem reasonably priced but remember, I'm a bargain girl at heart, I bought some clothes for Sixth form the other day and practically cried because they weren't reduced. (Don't be to distressed though...Topshop skirt for a fiver)

So here goes, me being lazy and a lack of time means I basically just searched Topshop dot com for lovely treasures I wished I possessed.

Yeah so er, I'd like to own these right now please. Absolutely no regard for if I could even stand up in them, Let alone walk.  But that's not important because there very beautiful. Here I feel the need to quote Jessie J, "with your heels so high that you can't even have a good time" but really, If they look good, surely its fun? If I had £80.00 going spare I'd definitely snap these up.

This vest reminds me of Christopher Kane's collection for the company not so long ago, And in the regret of not buying any of it then I'd like to wear this right now, with everything from Jeans to chunky Knits - Maybe not with the shoes above though. At only £20 I could probably stretch to it.

For re creating an 'Alexa' look this is perfect. Warm and 
simple yet still comfy and a great investment purchase for the new season soon to be upon us. I'd either pair it with Jeans and ballet flats or all out with a wide 50's style skirt. If I could be bothered to spend £36.00 that is.

And these, just because I'm yet to find my own perfect pair of shorts. After many failed attempts on denim hunts over the years I hold some vain hope for these.


Friday, 5 August 2011

FASHION & STYLE: When should you trust your instincts?

Think of the item of clothing that you've always wanted. The garment your wardrobe just appears lacking and lifeless without. I'm not talking about a current 'must have' item in these sentences so forget your Chanel bags, Chloe shirts and Celine coats, I'm appealing to you to think of the item you've never found but always wanted.

Let me take a humble leather jacket to explain my principle to you. Everyone wants one, everyone needs one. And in your head you've probably got some detailed thought up idea of your own little version that somehow the shops can't seem to provide you with, no matter how many times they bring one out, its always similar, but never quite perfect.

So when you find that item, the perfect one,  you buy it don't you? Of course you do. You've been waiting for it for all of your style seeking life. Perfect shape, style, colour and texture. Someone finally scanned your brain and decided to make your dream product. But here's were the title of the post comes into play: what do you do if you find your item while paying at the till and have little seconds to spare before its time to leave, do you buy it? can you trust your instincts?

Thats the very thought I grappled with today. I was at the front of the H&M queue in the process of buying a pair of pants when I spotted a lepoard print scarf in the boxes that are purposely designed to make you buy things at the till. (there always stocked with link rollers, socks and bobbles) Now i've wanted a lepoard print scarf for about three years. I've a really skinny one but like the leather Jacket image, its just not my perfect design. In the boxes I found one, the perfect little version i'd stored in my head. And I didn't buy it. I walked away.

Are you thinking, "BIG MISTAKE!" or contemplating and agreeing with my decision. The items are there to be grabbed and bought on impulse, but the majority of our impulse buys we regret. We see an item and are momentarily captivated by its supposed beauty and charm, then seriously regret it after parting with our cash. So when you do see your pefect item can you trust your instinct to buy it on impulse?

I did not want any fashion regrets, I did not want to leave my wardrobe lifeless and lacking forever. I'd found my lucky charm, my security blanket of a scarf finally. After a moments pause and reflection during a browse of boots I ran back to buy the scarf, my scarf. With only one left, I claimed it and bought it as quick as I possibily could. I know in the future to trust my instincts. Now to find my leather jacket...

FASHION & STYLE: Girl meets boy- A size 6 step to far?

There I was, some sort of story half planned in my mind as a entered the queue.  Constantly trying to reassure myself that I was not deluded and that yeah, it was in fact totally acceptable. I was just taking androgyny to the next level- obviously. I'd already prepared myself for future questions among the likes of "Ooh, where are they from?" with a quick barely audible monotone response of "*cough* Cedar wood state" before I turned on my flat soles and ran. Yes, I did, don't judge me. I bought myself a pair of shoes, mens shoes. Its somewhat okay though (isn't it?) I mean they are only from Primark. Admittedly, the price did take a huge chuck of there selling point, £15 reduced to the very three pound coins just sitting leisurely in my purse, what girl could possibily resist the charm of such a discount? In my haste I just sort of snatched them and hoped for the best.

I mean every girl has, or at least should have worn an item of clothing stolen from a male she knows, but no - you don't need to show me the hoodie you took to prove it. Though in the idea of actually buying something intended solely for males, I feel oh so slightly nervous. Cardi's, yep, Blazer, yeah. However a pair of shoes? I just don't know.

In theory adorning your feet with masculinity in a definate thing to try out occasionally, hello brouges and loafters. With A/W providing the ultimate seal of approval I just took a leap, like dip dying all over again.
See, I'm both loving and hating my feet sizing in unison. If they were just a tad smaller I would not have been able to buy them, therefore this blog post would have been non exsistant and if my feet hadn't have been this size, I would not have been able to wear them. Take the dilemma into your own hands and be the jury if you'd like, but I do urge you to try out some androgyny come september. Maybe just not a pair of actual man shoes.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

MISC: Look Competition entry.

Imagine some sort of energy source. Think of the constant power, the overwhelming surge of energy, cables and wires holding firm the jolting forceful electricity, it keeps things moving, stops them running on empty. Then, think of the atmosphere on the front row that very moment before a show, so many waiting with bated breath, all united to share there love and there purpose. Anticipating the moment when the fabrics will be revealed, oh the moment when they glide down the raised platform in front of us - stitched, zipped and pinned onto walking mannequins . Never have we been more ready to view wonder and splendour, with eyes wide open we seek there beautifully haunting presence to fill our souls,. we are the army of people that breathe fashion, inhale the fine tailoring and elegant gowns - with quality so utterly marvellous they leave us only to gasp, and to stutter at there power.

When the lights come up, when the bright white heavy hotness beams down on me, I know this is it. I feel my calling find me finally, between the sketchpads, black Olsen esque sunglasses and blackberries. This is what I live for, see the glitter, lycra & polka dots? They are in my blood. The drum of a chunky ankle boot heel as it hit’s the catwalk connects to the very beat of my heart. They pound together as one, this is not fashion with life, this is fashion as life.

The detail of a clasp on a tote bag, a bow on a pair of dainty ankle socks, coloured laces in brogues. Every single second creates another epiphany, yet another moment of pure expression and inspiration on a runway, ready for you to soak up and enjoy with such pleasure. A live catalogue of exploding visionary art, built up over the weeks and months. The joy on the designers face when they finally see there scribbled thoughts an sketches once made with such haste finally living out a purpose, a purpose to do what fashion should do. To provide love, and to provide comfort, pleasure and awe.

I should be blogging from the look show as fashion, just the very though of it, the flicker of the colour blocked light bulb - It keeps me going. Clothes themselves fill me with an energy like nothing else ever could. My carbs are thick harris tweed blazers and my sugar? Hot pink platforms. My own electrical power source baffles many, its created by a pure passion for creative bright exploding fashion. Charity to haute couture, I thrive off it all. Corrupted colours, harsh thick lines, exposed seams…nothing fills me with such a joy and a desire to move to embrace it all so lovingly. silk runs through my veins, sequins show my scars and velvet cushions the blow of my broken bones. Fashion is everything to me, its keeps me alive. It keeps me moving, stops me running on empty.

STYLE/RELIGION: Is it worth the risk?

For all my loud fashion experiments and trials in clothing terms, I'm unexpectedly cautious when it comes to other matters. I've worn my makeup like true war paint at times, bold & bright and garish uncompromising colours have patrolled my face at times unsuited to the occasion, but when it comes to my hair, I rarely stray from my typical look. Not that I have a standard hair appearance, the only common theme is the obvious lack of significant brushing, if any at all. Full fringe and a few highlights aside, I've never really changed my mane, only let it grow back to its original length. For all those who don't know or are too blocking out the somewhat painful memory, I chopped it off in late 2009, leaving me with shoulder length hair. Now its back I've been somewhat desiring change (I know, I can't help it) so I took the plunge and dip dyed.

In saying I, I of course mean a friend painted my locks with the horrible blue paste that absolutely stinks, while I sang along and swayed to John Mayer, moaning that I was turning ginger. The finish result is quite a sudden change, I debate forever about  my hair you see and the "only child" label is joined of course by a overprotective parent clause meaning It was a spur of the moment decision, I bought the dye and ran before I could be stopped.
But hey! It worked pretty well, my risk payed off. This was the type of decision that required in the person and in the outcome. Sometimes its hard to embrace a decision and leap whole heartheadly into it. Having faith and letting someone else guide you instead of you making every single move on your own is a pretty big step. You've guessed it yes, I'm no longer talking about my hair...I'm talking about Jesus. Its suprising how well you can relate the two I guess, so I want you to apply the message of risking dying your hair into the risk of trusting Jesus. It maybe quite scary, especially if you are new to the idea of it, and if your still unsure weather its something you even want to do, its very hard to suddenly stand up and try it out. But its worth it, its fun. Be a little reckless with your hair, but definately jump and follow God.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

MISC: the 4 points, (I think I'm funny)

1. One thing I've never understood about people is there need to fit in, I hold a place in the minority when I say that I like to stand out, I thrive on creating and showing my own differences rather then being standard, being average, being the same. But when it comes to blogging, I've always disliked my blog as its never been a typical fashion blog, I tend to write more article features then quick short posts and my own outfits displays? very few and far between. That is an area I've tried to conform in previously, but I'm done with that. People read my blog because its different, and I'm different. let me contradict myself with an outfit post...
2. the thing I missed the most while being away was not friends, or family. My lovely readers it was red lipstick. I don't even feel like that will shock some of you in the slightest, you know my love for it. I said that to someone last week and the reply I was given was that I should wear it if it was a part of me, If it was who I was I should display it. That is indeed a very good point I thought, I must blog about it.
So here I am, doing just that. Its a reminder to you that if something is a part of who you are, don't hide it away or lessen that part of yourself to fit in. The right people will love you for who you are.
another outfit post anyone?
yes, I've 3 hands.

3. I've stopped really caring about make up, (yes I know I spoke about lipstick a second ago) I just don't care that much anymore. I know that is related to being away for a week surrounded by people who not only do not care, but also know that inside beauty is far more important. I will go out the house without it on, believe me, big step . God is good :)

so yeah, Hi.

4. I ventured out only to buy Elle and squeaked when I saw it, its sooo thick, I love a thick magazine. I also bought blonde hair dye, let the dip dying commence.

RELIGION: Bakewell 2011.

To sum up Bakewell in merely just words is impossible. Even when you chuck in pictures, quotes and bible verses its hard to grasp at the sentences that would somehow explain the week in basic terms and give you an insight to the absolutely amazing events and moments that occured during the 7 days. There was obviously fun but never in the 4 or so years that I've been a christian have I ever witnessed something held so firmly in God's grip and controlled by him. I have total trust in God having a plan for my life and everything happening for a reason,but when you actually catch a glimp of a part of his plan, in greater terms rather then just one designed for your own life its really puts into context the overwhelming power of God.

I'm still struggling to say what I'd like to say about the week, so many thoughts but so little structure to place them before you with. Perharps I'll just leave you with this,

 Jesus is so very relevent in our world and society today, maybe even more so then when he first came down because although then there was suffering and pain, the suffering and pain of todays modern age seems even more apparent and so many in our world are so very lost, I was pretty lost before Bakewell, I knew my savior, but some how I'd forgotton his power. If i've learnt anything, Its that my God saves. I saw a miracle while on camp, A miracle of not just healing but of what can be accomplised through prayer. I saw many turn to God for the first time, and I saw many turn to God again. Telling you that in simple words seems pointless, it does nothing in revealing the true amazingness of God to you..but I can tell you God is amazing, and I can pray that that is enough for you to somehow begin to understand God at a little more.

REVIEW: Twitter, be my hero. Grab your cape.

I'm thanking Twitter for making me happy. No, I'm not some social networking freak (actually I take that back, I probably am) but through my humble little @holytightss account did I begin to discover a company after my own heart.

To all your Jeans lovers wandering about, throw at me your various reasons for citing your supposed worn out wonders as wardrobe essentials? "They go with everything" or for the less fashion conscious around? "there comfy." Well I'll let you in on a little secret, the way you feel about your cotton trousers is the same way I feel about my cotton T-shirts. But printed, to be precise.

And that is were Hero and Cape steps in, drum roll please. They are a new British fashion label, providing us with fantastic creative graphics to slap across our torso's, and get this - there individually printed to order. What I love about them is that there aiming to be unique and for them being only a small company works to there advantage. Don't you just hate it when you go into a massive department store and the cashiers hardly acknoweldge your existence? Hero and Cape practically thrive in just knowing they have delivered you the customer with everything and more you could have possible wanted from there T-shirts. There's also Jewellery around on the site for you to browse at, so why not take a look?

so what are you waiting for?