Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy new year!

The best of 2011 in photos

                                                                 New years eve 2010.
                                                                 London fashion weekend - February 2011. 
                                                                           Southport with my best friends - March 2011.
                                                                                  Meg's 18th. April 11
                                                                                 Nan's 75th - April 2011.
                                                            Best day of the year, Easter sunday. April 2011.
                                                       Growing up, leaving school. May 2011.
                                                                                     Prom - May 2011.
                                                                             Turning 16 - May 2011.
                                                                    its your move - June 2011.
                                                          Getting to know Rebecca Richardson - June 2011.
                                                          Getting to know Sexy C and Jordan - June 2011
                                                             Roby Summer fair thing: July 2011
                                                                    Cyfa BBQ: July 2011
                                                             Kidz Klub - July 2011
                                                   Being a leader at bakewell - July 2011
                                                 Stealing members food - Bakewell 2011
                                                  Gemma & Daves wedding - July 2011
                                                              Fashion show - August 2011
                                                               S.O.S - August 2011
                                               Saying goodbye to the Cyfa Uni lot - September 2011
                                                 Hannah turning 16 - September 2011
                                                                 The weekend away - October 2011

The weekend away - October 2011
                                                       Kidz Klub - November 2011
                                                                FYI movie night - November 2011.
                                                              Nativity - December 2011
                                                 York - December 2011
                                                    TNT Christmas meal - December 2011
                                                     Rebecca turning 17 - December 2011
                                               Amelia being home and Chrismtas eve - December 2011
                                                                     Christmas day - December 2011.
                                                                               New years eve 2011.

My new year plans

With most of my thank yous sorted, and a quick touch on remembering the potential of 2012, I think its time to tell you the way I'm welcoming this new year in.  I'm off to a party tonight, but at around 5 to twelve I'm leaving the house and finding a place outside to sit down and pray. Then I'm returning at 5 past 12. Call me crazy, but I want to end 2011, and begin 2012 thanking god for all he has done and for all he will done. I am excited for a chance to get dressed up and have a lot of fun tonight, but I'm far more excited to welcome in the new year with my Lord and Saviour. I've decided on a life resolution, forget the tradition of finding someone to kiss at midnight, every year I'm going to spend the changing of the date with my God. 2012 makes me excited, even though I've a very cynical best friend who thinks "Its just another year."

2011 has not been easy; I've had low points, lost loved ones, cried a lot, but I've greeted new people, had amazing times, cried laughing, and made memories i'll never forget. I'm grateful for everything i've endured this year, and I'm grateful that I'm blessed enough to enter 2012 surrounded by amazing people, and with them around me, I know I can handle whatever 2012 throw my way.

So whatever your doing tonight; staying in, going out, friends, or family. Remember how very blessed you are. and remember that when we enter 2012 and that clock strikes 12 & the fire works light up the sky, I'll be praying for you.

Stop waiting, start changing.

There are certain times in life when I can't help but wonder how I am related to the people I call my family. See, I get so excited about the thought and prospect of a new year, and they all go to bed before the clock strikes twelve. Blame it on the fact I'm younger, or maybe in someways I appear naive, but I do see something ridiculously special about midnight of the last day of the year. For all those cynics ready and waiting, crying lines of it being just another year, same old, same old. I beg to differ. A new year Is a new near. We've never seen it before, never headed an item with 2012 in its real time context. And in 366 days (its a leap year people) we will never really see 2012 again. So here's a challenge for all of you that think my positive side has appeared for a limited time only, If you think the year isn't going to change for you, I want you to try and start changing it.

Unless you start making the effort to seek out places of discovery, your half hearted resolution to be adventurous isn't going to get very far. And without purposely allowing time for the exercise you've forever been planning to do, when are you really going to do it?

But If your like me, and share in my childlike excitement to greet a new year filled with such potential. Don't let it lose its potential. If you've already swore a hour in, then, simply start again. This is what my 2012 is going to be about. I'm never going to stop trying to do things again,  my head will never echo the words tomorrow. You do not need to wait till a new day, a new month, or in turn a new year to start changing again.
Try live your life as a continual process of starting again. Mistakes are going to happen, and yes your going to reach for the chocolate when you know you shouldn't, but if you want to keep going simply remember how excited you are now. Sure numbers on the date are changing a little, but numbers on a clock do to. If you want to start again, simply pick the next second.

more blog posts coming later....

Friday, 30 December 2011

MISC: A 2011 thank you

The idea of the New Year is a stange thing. I'm one of those people that cannot move forward easily. At least not without looking back. I created a survey a few days ago, and one of the questions surrounded the idea about  knowing more about the author, and the overwhelming majority, said yes, they'd like to know more. So with all this in mind, I wrote a list. A list of thank yous, not just a note to say tarrrrrr to people relating to my blog, but to people who have shaped my life. Tomorrow morning I'm hoping to be up bright and early to write something proper regarding the new year, but I couldn't leave 2011 without saying thank you...and I've even dedicated a page to it...


Thursday, 29 December 2011

I realise that I'm at quite a high risk of turning into one of those blogs that only ever rambles, with no substance whatsoever. I know that I don't hold anywhere near the highest levels of quality writing or photography, but in my own mind I'd at least I'd like to think that I don't do too awful a job. My blog is far from perfect, but I hope the majority of times you think what I have to say is a somewhat decent attempt at opinion sharing.

So here we are, my apology to you all. But again in one sense I'm not sorry. Okay, contradictory I know. 
Basically I am very sorry I created a huge build up to my Christmas post, and then didn't even write one, buttttttt I'm not apologising for the fact I have a life. I hope that does not appear harsh, but its something I need to say now, and to keep reminding myself of as the year continues.

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be sharing with all you wonderful people that read my blog, but If I'm not enjoying it, I need to remind myself, the world is not going to end. I need to keep my relationship with god on track and set aside time to be praying and reading my bible instead of checking my stats or making a new banner. And essays have to come before posts, as does revision. I want you to be able to tell my blog is something I enjoy, but at the moment, Its something that causes me to stay up late worrying.

So yes, I didn't post, because I didn't have the time, and I didn't want to be glued to my laptop, and well, I didn't have to be. This blog is mine, to choose what I do with. And for now, I'm choosing to put life before it.

(Ignore the fact that my banner says happy new year, I needed something new, as always :))

Thursday, 22 December 2011


CHRISTmas. It's quite self explanatory, Christmas is first and foremost about Christ. I'd love to be able to say that my day is therefore ALL about worshipping my most amazing God...but let's be real here, for me, it's not...... the day starts bright and early (even though last nights carol singing till 1am almost killed me) and we all congregate in the living room to begin present brother being himself has usually unwrapped,played with and got bored of his gifts by the time I get downstairs after only a matter of minutes but I take time in opening mine:') after opening everything (whilst writing down the list of present givers and presents for my mums later nagging of writing thank you cards) I eat breakfast at the table if theres time and if not I eat it on the way to church...either way, it's indefinite I'll eat (at least) half a selection box before 11am;)
For me Church on a Christmas day has always been good fun, miming or humming to carols because of a sore throat from christmas eve carol singing, receiving some rather questionable knitted items from old people who forgot my name every other week and feeling queasy from my pre afternoon binge eat are just some of the highlights i can recall and this year I'm hoping it'll be even better!;) back at home the same routine prevails every year, mum makes dinner, mum fusses that everyone needs to eat more dinner, we eat more dinner, mum eats tiny portion and says she's full... it's a routine I don't question, I merely observe and go along with;') 

...on Christmas day eve..?? (sounds wrong but we'll go with it) I usually spend my time watching a film (often 'The Holiday' cause who doesn't love Jude&Cameron&Kate&Jack?!;))and this year, my boyfriend Mark* will come round and most likely eat a second Christmas dinner before being forced to watch a film he doesn't want to see:') 
I'll go to bed smiling on Christmas day knowing that my day was filled with the people I love and I wouldn't change that for the world:) 

*Mark- scroll down to read his post but just be warned its not as funny or interesting;) 


FASHION/STYLE: Something old...

I wish people would stop saying it, because number 1. it is not true, and number 2. even it was I wouldn't care.

Currently, my list of friends includes only the people on my side, the ones that agree I need a new dress. I am being completely honest when I say that I do not have a lot of dresses, and I wish people would stop telling me I did, I think I know my own wardrobe by now. You to would be utterly disgusted to open your closet and discover the utter lack of something to pull out and instantly partner with a pair of heels in order to create a seasonal outfit. I've nothing. Yes I've got dresses, but considering how often I wear them, they happen to be far to casual for festivities, come on...I wear wedges and suspender tights for an ordinary church service. Christmas means something show stopping, and then some more.

I had completely ran out of options, every single shop was filled with either horribleness or expensive loveliness. Though Topshop shot me straight threw the heart with the classic, "Sold out in your size."
And so precisely a hour ago I gave up and decided that If by midnight on the 23rd, I have not found anything, I'm going to spend Christmas eve like a 13 year old, and draw myself some dashing whiskers.

Then inspiration hit in the form of a very simple suggestion...VINTAGE. Why had my mind not virtually trawled the racks of Oxfam or Pop boutique so sooner? last years black velvet number had been a British heart foundation treasure after all. MENTAL NOTE: always think of other peoples clothing before you own.

I am kinda hoping clothing fate has been playing a part in this, yes I'm a totally believer in the idea of the perfect item that could change your life forever, (and I just like buying things to but shhhh!) so I'm casting all thoughts of ill fitting, cheap items aside and letting my heart take itself on a magical vintagey tour. Watch old bold street...

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


For me, Christmas is the best time of year. Better than Easter, despite the amount of chocolate I get to eat, better than summer holidays (although time away in the sun in my eyes is the perfect break from school!), and even better than my own birthday! For me, Christmas is a time for sharing; whether that is time with family and friends, and your “loved ones” so they say, or sharing gifts between each other, and food around a table as opposed to the usual TV dinner you get given throughout the year. A time when families, friends, different industries, cultures, religions and nations stop and come together to celebrate the same holiday.

 Everybody celebrates differently and for different reasons, but in my eyes this is what makes it so special – what other time of year is as anticipated as Christmas Day is? And what other holiday is so widely celebrated? Even reaching out to less privileged people is addressed at Christmas time and, making a complete generalisation, it’s the time when people “do their part” by giving to charity and focusing on giving rather than receiving… even though deep down they know that what’s more important is what’s inside their stocking on that Christmas morning! But this is one of the things I love about Christmas; it’s a time for reflection and happiness and everybody coming together to love one another. Although many people may not enjoy the season for various reasons, it is the time of year when we can count our blessings, spend quality time and laughter with our families and enjoy treating one another, and showing love towards each other. A time when we can look back over the previous twelve months and be thankful for what we have, the good things that have happened, and the time we have ahead of us, yet to enjoy. So this Christmas, although I have all my presents wrapped and under the tree ready to hand out, and I have my list written and given to my parents (ahem, Santa), and although the house is decorated, and plans are being made for Christmas Eve and Day itself, the most important thing to me at this time of year is the time I spend with the people that I love and care about; may that be my family, friends or even those people that I don’t and never will know, it’s a time when I can show compassion, care and love to those around me. And I.Can’t.Wait.

Not forgetting the GLITTER.


I began my day like every other one free from the early mornings that school brings. Sleeping to late, and then when I finally decide to face the early afternoon, I reach for my laptop. My first online stop of the day involves browsing my favourite blogs (I will tell you more about them another time) and stalking various tumblrs for inspiration. At some point during this hour or so, I stumble on Alexa Chung, Miranda Kerr and a bunch of other models numerous times. But no matter what the context, I seem to find myself once again confronted by the beauty of the Olsen's which these days, is even more ever appearing, considering now their sister Elizabeth is in the spotlight too.

The beauty of Mary Kate and Ashley has always astonished me. Even when I was a little girl did I wish to be them, be it influenced from their programme 'Two of a kind' or the clothing range they designed for Wallmart. Now, part of me still wishes to be like them. They seem so polished, pretty, and well, almost perfect. A huge mix of everything I feel I will never be, thrown in to a pair of beautiful twins that still seem to gracefully haunt over the fashion world. I know I'm certainly not alone in this craving to be this kinda of utterly spectacular and talented in every possible sense.  With this granted, I felt the need to once again confess my love for the designers of The Row & Elizabeth and James, and my desire to look like them. So I posted a status about it. And I have to say, I was honestly shocked by the people who liked it. For every single one of them I see as beautiful, wonderful people that hold no fault that should ever make them want to be like someone else. It really saddens me to realise that people only see the negitives in themsleves, rather then the overwhelming positives.

If some of you that know me well are now shouting at the scream for my utter levels of hypocracy and contradictiveness then I apologize. I understand that in saying all this to you, I have to understand that I'm beautiful to. It makes me feel somewhat fake to even write that statement, as to me it seems completely full of falsities. But it is in fact true. I feel strange again saying that, but I've got to get over that. Because I am beautiful, though not in a vain, self centred, photogenic way. But in a 'I am a child of God and created wonderfully way'.

And so is everyone one else. Every single person that reads this and makes some automatic comment to themselves that somehow excludes thems from the above statement - I know I'd do it too.
So before you go on about your legs, or teeth, freckles, or double chin. Remember this... without them you would not be beauitful. God created you to be beautiful, in the way you are sitting reading this now. I'm sitting typing with a bare face and greasy hair. And when I look in the mirror, I need to remember that I'm beautiful, I'm beautiful just like you.

Yes I want to look like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, But I also want to look like me. And looking like the person you were made be is far more beauitful then trying to look like someone else.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


  • “I love you every day. But today you get a card.”

    That’s Christmas really, it’s Jesus’ birthday, it’s a day when you say ‘Yes, you are no different today than you were yesterday, you are no closer, no further away, but today you get a present.’ But the funny thing about that is that it can’t be true. Because when you say something like that, when you show someone how much you care, it makes you closer than you were yesterday. That’s what I call ‘worship’.
    This time last year I was very busy being ripped open – a year long relationship was unravelling around me and it felt like bits of me were just falling out. Ever noticed how gradually people change into the things they love? It’s why dog owners look like their dogs. And why people who live for money end up flying around the world only slightly slower than their currency, and grow cold like the unexpected coin in your pocket. Anyway, what I’m saying is imagine if part of who you are fell off. Ran away. Your left foot suddenly rebelled and kicked you in the stomach. This was how I was feeling this time last year. Right up until Christmas Eve.

    On the night before Christmas I go to mass at midnight – nothing fancy just people gathered together, singing the praises of the God who’s going to save the world in the morning. But there’s something about it that’s not like other weeks, that’s not like singing in the middle of the day. The night is powerful: it’s peaceful but it’s better than that. At midnight on Christmas Eve you’re not where you were yesterday and you are just certain that you don’t have to be the same tomorrow. And when they say ‘salvation’ that’s all they mean: Tomorrow I will be more alive than I was yesterday, because Jesus is alive.

    So I took my shattering self to mass at midnight and I sang. And whenever the music stopped these words just wouldn’t get out my head: Your love is enough, Your grace is sufficient. Your love is enough. You’re no closer today than you were yesterday, and you’re no further away, but you were always everything I’d ever need. I worshipped God, and he picked me up and held me to his chest like a shepherd would with a tiny lamb, shivering with cold.

Monday, 19 December 2011

MISC/PHOTOGRAPHY: I've missed you all!

Hey Everyone! Yes, you are right in thinking I said that I wouldn't be blogging until Christmas eve BUT I guess I just couldn't resist taking to the laptop to let you all know nothing in particular, apart from the fact, I miss writing. There, I said it. Quote me at a later date when I'm ranting about how much I hate everything even marginally related to my blog. But honestly, I've missed typing away my own little thoughts! So here I am with nothing important to say, but I've recently discovered my camera takes in black & white (I am so stupid, I know)
                                                (Random black & white photo I took before)

 and I'm avoiding revision so I guess I'd ramble on a bit about totally unrelated things and throw in a few photos!

                                                            (Working the Geeky look)

1. First of all, I have to say that I am completely and utterly obsessed with the wombats. I absolutely loved them when I was about 12 and obviously, so cool. Then like most bands I hold strong affection for, I simply forgot about them. Though I haven't been able to get them out of my head for the past month, "OHHH PATRICAAAA, THE STRIPPERRRR, YOU ARE MY SUNSHINEEEEE!".

2.I have also developed a serious, and maybe slightly worrying addiction to Starbucks Gingerbread lattes. Even though I spend at least 3 hours of my week from January to October in Costa, November signals the start of coffee shop resolution and I find myself subconsciously drawn to the      green light, and before I know it, I've whipped cream and everything.

(Oh, the classic)

3. It Snowed the other day, YAY! I was really glad because It was the first time I had a decent camera to actually be able to take some photographs! And it was on the last day of school and it made everything feel a bit more Christmassy!
(Rebecca, Town)
(Icy Leaves)
                                                              (Rach covered in Snow)

 4. A very happy birthday to my lovely friend who turns 17 on this Wednesday! The new banner is basically from last night, were I had some of my amazing best friends round for Pizza & Films, though we didn't watch a single film, only the Lovely Mr. Michael Buble.

                                                           (I love this, happy birthday Bestie)
                                                     (All of us doing the "Jess Corcoran pose")
                                               (Amy & Sexy C couldn't resist my glasses or hat)

5. I spent last weekend in York! Although I didn't get much time for shopping since it was a family trip I got the chance to take quite a few photographs that I'll post on my new Flickr within the next hour or so!

6. Here are some photos I took really quickly before displaying today's outfit! I originally bought this dress for Sixth Form but its too short now so I just tend to wear something over the top of it!

                                                              (I'm now brace free, yay!)
But yes, that's all! Check my Flickr soon & remember to like the facebook page If you haven't already! Thanks for reading, and keep checking back for the Christmas posts!