Wednesday, 5 December 2012

As Crystal clear as a cloudy night...

Excuses, Excuses, you may sigh - but I promise I've been meaning to blog forever. But my laptop broke, sixth form is crazy and well, who blogs over sleep? definitely not me that's for sure. I've also been super busy with lots to tell you about. I'm now a column writer, can class myself as a photographer and have had my first university interview. Crazyyyy. I also tried out a new church, which I loved for its surprises, - really old building, but then passionate evangelical teaching, all the stuff I'm sure you all know I heart by now; Love in action, working with communities, delivering hope to the hopeless. Yeah, I'm sure you get the cheesy cliched modern Christian message I'm on about! I also met the wonderful Alison Tay, style editor of Now magazine for a chat in Cavern Walks on there will be a post coming up on that ever so shortly!

I've also been collecting a few submissions for this years Christmas Project. Remember last years? A little insight to everyone's Christmas. This year I'm asking for a wishlist. Forget phones, soap and glory and plenty of DVD box sets - I'm talking about what really matters to you. Do you want a day without arguments? Or to see family you've been separated from for years? let me know if you fancy having it up on here - no names if you wish.

Its also been that long since I last blogged I've gained glasses an had a fringe cut in, and its started to grow out again. Ooopsy. Here's some of what I've been up to:

My column in local paper, "The Challenge"
read it for yourself here 

Open days and uni stuff...this is Sundeerrrlandd.

The bestest at Liverpool Fashion Live back in October, she only wanted the goody bag.

Shooting some A/W stuff for lovely Jewellery brand 16 Braunton

And me, with fringe and glasses!

    And while writing this post I've realised the hot chocolate I made has gone cold, oh well. 


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Keep your filthy paws, off my silky drawers.

The dog is clean, and my pants aren't silky, but go with my grease reference people.

Wow, an outfit post. Shocker eh? And its all just because I wanted to show you all my new jeans, and new puppy. Most definitely in that order too. I'm not a fan of 3AM barking, but what does gain my seal of approval is comfy attire this time of year. I'm sure most of you know will know my love/hate relationship with all things denim, (if not, click here) and my reluctantly to try pairs on without the comfort blanket of the high waisted tag, but when I saw a classic denim pair with the perfect stretchy fabric on Sunday, a dash to the changing rooms was only common courtesy don't you think?

I love them. They are normal Jeans. And they fit me. What else do I need to say on this matter? its just like the leather jacket/denim jacket/perfect heels dilemma facing all of us at some stage or another. I'm happy my winter wardrobe has know been guaranteed comfort and warmth thanks to the lovely Dorothy Perkins. I salute you for making me feel normal.

But more news on the little fluffy teddy bear on my hands. she's 4 months old and called Beryl. (No I did not name her, I would not inflict such cruelty on a animal) and she's starting to annoy me by being everywhere, but there's nothing nicer then coming home from a draining day in sixth form to have that cutie great you.

My UCAS form has finally be sent off, yay!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

"'I don't know why I bother."

A few days ago I ventured into town to grab some new pens to doodle with but before heading to the till I, quite obviously, detoured to the magazines. I was all wrapped up in the wonder of Taylor Swift covering the American version of 'Glamour' when seemingly out of nowhere a little old lady appeared next to me. She was rather frail and must have been around 80 years of age, but I noticed this only after I watched her pick up a copy of the latest edition of 'Talter'. The weight of the magazine looked a little overpowering for her, but as if she knew what I was thinking she told me with a little smile she didn't know why she bothered anymore, but it was quite clear that after all so many years the glossy pages she held were still her guilty pleasure. She informed me that she in fact had a token that enabled her to purchase it for only a pound ,and that was her excuse for her buying it. But her laugh told otherwise. It reminded me of the way my Nan excuses her lottery ticket buying for the excuse of possibly winning the millions! Or the way I justify a new dress for whatever occasion, no matter how minute, is soon to be on my calendar.

If you couldn't tell already, this little minute or so of my day really made me smile, and it reminded me to still keep finding pleasures in the most simplest of events. Although only speculating, I like to imagine that the lady has her piles of 'Tatler' stacked neatly somewhere, even from the very first issue she bought or was given. Maybe this magazine has been something she's enjoyed regardless of the storms of life, and even so many years later she still loves it. I'm hopefully for my future, and I like to think that I'll spend my pension on Starbucks and red lipstick, loving it just as much by then, as I do now.

I think my blog might just become dedicated to transforming the mundane.

What things will you forever love?

Monday, 22 October 2012

Boux Avenue: a note to self.


Remember that when you next walk past the branch located in Liverpool One, you absolutely, most definitely, have to take a peak inside. I'd advise you cancel all plans before heading in, for you could be in amongst the wonder of Boux Avenue for quite some time. Between the friendly attentive staff, an expert bra fitting service and individuality named changing suites (lace, anyone?) you could quite happily spend your afternoon.

Also please take note that its a treasure trove for all sorts of delights. The little gifts, such as mirrors and mini perfumes that you can claim starting from just two round gold coins will have you questioning as to why your bag has been without them for so long.

The lingerie and lounge wear will also have you debating just how much you can justify buying, and if one in every colour is a little excessive? But the different ranges and choice of light settings within the dressing areas (day, dusk and evening) will have you hooked, quite possibly forever.

                          And if still not, I'm sure the cutest slippers ever will have your heart.

                And a final word is, remember to catch up with the lovely bloggers you met!

The lovely Heidi & Jade!


Monday, 24 September 2012

Take a Trip: The Bluecoat.

In father Corcoran’s haste to kit me out with a new winter coat before even October was weeks away,  last Saturday saw us take a trip to the city centre to scout around the shops in order to find something we could both marginally agree on. He said no to leather and oversized, where as I shook my head and ran far, far away from everything he deemed suitable. We settled on a nice little navy blue number, complete with pleather additions, but I’m sure I’ll do an outfit post on it once the colder days decide to stick with us and it becomes my uniform that I only take off when I sleep. But of course, when wandering around town accumulates to a huge amount of mental shunning of my father’s style decisions what is required is to take a break of some form and head somewhere for lunch.

Queue a trip to the Bluecoat, which is like, my new favourite place ever. In search of something more then a slice of cake we first toured all the little independent shops and then chose the final door to satisfy our lunch desires, and we headed up past the poster filled wall I fell in lust with, and up to the charming bluecoat bistro.  As much as the brown leather couches were subconsciously calling me, I had to for once in my life confer with the essence of practically and select a table. I just can’t do that whole eating without something to lean on, probably because I’d manage to spill something  or drop something, or mostly probably a combinitation of them both.

From the chalk board we choose our calorie infused weapons. With Steve selecting a classic BLT on a wholemeal bread, and me finally deciding on duck spring rolls, we felt it was only a polite courtesy to indulge our curiosity with a portion of home made chunky chips.

The setting was lovely, and the place wasn't too busy. You didn't feel rushed, or that a conversation was a out of the ordinary affair. It was nice to be able to view the goings on down in the courtyard while trying out some of the food in the warmth. The staff were friendly and overall the atmosphere was definitely one I'd like to find myself in again.

The arguable point of the Bluecoat trip, the food - was lovely too. The prices were rather reasonable taking into account the place it is situated and the high quality produce and hand made elements provided.  Although I enjoyed it more then Steve, he too noted that it was "nice enough." With it being lunchtime we failed to establish what desert tasted like, but the chocolate cake I spied out of the corner of my eye seemed very inviting.

Overall, I'd recommend a little look around the Bluecoat if you've never taken the time too. The independent boutiques are a dream, and with the Liverpool Biennial currently on there will sure be something for you to feast your eyes on.

So if you do take a trip to the Bistro, let me know what you think. Steve and I certainly enjoyed it.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Her minds made up, She don't want to go steady. She's only 17, so she's probably not ready.

ladders in tights, ink stained bags, tears over the future. For me, the cracks in the apparent newness of September life are beginning to show. I feel stupid to play some innocence is bliss card, and masking myself in delusions of change is neither sensible, or even half useful. Summer is always signaled as some sort of break, the type of therapy the NHS doesn't offer, but instead I've entered a new academic year some how more internally wound up then when I left it. The causation of which I care not to mention, for I know, most of you probably care not to listen, but the result, is one I have a high distaste for. One of the things that might have possibly got me watery eyed in the common room this week is the fact that by a months time, I've got to decide how I want to spend my future earning money . And as much as I'd like to apologize for the in convenience I gather I'm probably causing to teachers, and fellow members of my form who have to hear my whines of various protests of not knowing, I'm actually not sorry in the slightest. Why at 17 should I know? Its not logical.

Don't get me wrong, because I know what I would like  in life. I'd like to some how change the world, in a little way. I'd like to help out charities, and I'd like to preach the message of the gospel. I'd like to work with disadvantaged children is war torn countries. And I'd like to write articles on my opinion, and have them published. I'd like to educate others on diversity and the importance of equality. I'd like to continue being a student ambassador for the Holocaust Educational Trust.  I'd like to march for Gay pride. I'd like to get married, have children, and live in a house with a red front door, I'd like to read the entire bible and I'd like to teach others that its okay to be different. I'd like to learn how to cook, and how to bake, and I'd like to grow my own vegetables. I'd like to compile huge lists, and I'd like to scrapbook everything that matters to me. I'd like to learn how to be more comfortable with who I am, and i'd to get better at listening to God.  I'd like to one day be overall leader of a venture, and I know at some point I'd like to be a youth worker in a church. I'd like to be able to live with enough income to be able to live without complete restrictions, and I'd like to be able to afford to buy my friends and family gifts, just because I knew they'd love something. I'd like to be able to laugh, and to love, and to explore. I'd like to visit New York City, and Paris, And Italy. I'd like to be an MP. And I'd like to road trip across America. And, I'd like to discover more about my mother.

But picking what to spend the next 3 years of my life studying about? Its not that I'm clueless, because I've been up till gone 2AM on the dreaded UCAS website searching and searching. Its just that, coiled up inside me is the notion that I'm not ready to decide just yet. I'm not ready to reel in my Naivety, or to stop dreaming of having it all. I'm not available for surrendering for the ordinary. And I am in no means capable of stopping my mind from wandering about everything, about being fascinated by anything. I can't just settle. This is not the time to be closing my eyes, and pointing to a star, hoping for the best. Its the time to get serious, to take September with both hands and start running towards my future career path. But I can't. Cause I'm not going to allow myself to be pressured into any half hearted decisions. I do what I want to do, and I do it with passion, but I'm not allowing for regrets years down the line.

I'll decide when I'm good and ready to, when I know what I want. Cause despite the red lipstick, big words and Costa trips, I'm still only 17. And in the eyes of the law, that's still a child. I don't want to grow up just yet, despite what September is bringing.


Monday, 27 August 2012

Polka Dots and Cappuccinos!

I've tried to come up with some fancy, intellectual deep sentence to start this blog post, in an attempt for you to somehow grasp the scale of philosophical pondering Hannah and I did while people watching from a window from the Costa of Huyton Village, but since I'm all out, you'll have to make as best use of this sentence as you can. 

Although our original intention for today was not to sip coffee and chat, but to instead take a trip to Matthew street, I thoroughly enjoyed our caffeine induced thoughts on pretty much everything more then a soggy august  day in the city center. The main subject matter ended up turning into analysis of the people around us, as well as our selves. I provided, what I hope to be insightful nuggets on subconscious self expression through clothing, where as Hannah indulged on the subject of conformity and new starts. I blame our church all girls schools partly for the way we've changed over the past few years. On my part, I think the regulatory and strict order of my school gave me a drive to be different and stand out, where for Hannah, it initially had the opposite effect of quite literally, conforming to the norm. (bet you can all tell my favourite subject is psychology)

But with her starting college soon, thanks to her 10 A*'s, yes, ten! It comes a time to break away and be bold. With this in mind as we strolled to New Look a little later in the day, I suddenly turned all random fashion TV programme on her and made her pick and outfit out for me, while I chose one for her! All photos taken of me are horrendously bad so i'll refrain from hurting your eyes, but since Hannah is super gorgeous its a must to see the before and after!

Here's the beautiful Hannah in her own outfit in which she looks like herself,
and here is her in the outfit I picked out for her. (Close friends of mine, note the Jess Corcoran pose)

Although Hannah was wearing burgundy jeans, me being a fan of colour, and texture and print made her tackle lace, polka dots and hot pink in a single outfit. Once upon a time i'm pretty sure that would have been too out of her comfort zone, but today she tried them on with little hesitation! She even bought the polka dot skirt, meaning i've successfully added 4 items of my own choice into Hannah's wardrobe over the past 18 months! 

This little style swap as a result of our deep wanderings was something I think we've both learnt a lot from. Although it may seem like its simply just fabric to some, it actually shows a lot about ourselves. I'm partial to throwing everyone into the deep end with everything clashing, believing I know whats best for them, revealing my selfish belief in myself as always being right.  Where as Hannah, who would have previously been more reserved was ready to take on the challenge set for her, probably brought about by her adjusting herself to the next few months of change and difference. She's going from uniform to whatever she wants to wear, different subjects, different friends, different time table. A lot of things are going to be new for her, and she's quite clearly relishing what is ahead. And as cheesy as it sounds, I'm so proud of her for leaving the past 5 years of familiarity for something different, as scary as it might seem! 

So I hope you enjoy college Han, here's to the many more Polka dots and Cappuccinos days we'll have over the next few years, don't ever change!


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Blah Blah Blah.

I have to say that i think 'blahhh' should most definitely be classed as a legitimate word,  needing no other sort of formal explanation or introduction. See, I'm blogging in bed with my duvet wrapped around me, so yeah, blahhh certainly needs no pretentious elements or extra efforts to evoke a message of how I'm currently feeling. But just in case your not getting it, it might be handy to know that I'm makeup free, sporting unbrushed hair (I know, whats new?) and my biggest, most comfiest hoodie. Which is, in case your wondering, my Kidz Klub one, though you'll never see it because i refuse to wear it in public. I find it to be the most vile shade of blue, and the only person in the whole wide world that could ever put it off, is the legend that is Dave Collier! and well,  since I'm no Dave Collier, mine is reserved for the occasions of the following; blahhh.

Three hours sleep has left me with a major headache, temperature and only enough energy to type this blog post, (and tweet/facebook/tumblr/text but shhh!) and so I had to cancel my plans for the day. Oh, many vivid images of picturesque delights of a day in Chester with the extended family were blown to pieces come 6am. I even missed out on going out for teaa! And that may make me sound sad, pathetic and like I have absolutely no social life whatsoever, but who isn't partial to some hearty conversation over lovely food past 6pm? hmm, maybe in fact its you that needs to get out more...

I was gutted with my inability to greet August with at least a little joy, because the optimist inside me loves the dawning of a new month. No Joke, I positively adore the potential that a change from 28/30/31 to a single little 1 can bring.  Its a bit cheesy I know, but I can't help but have a burning admiration for the little things in life. Its like getting to be the first swipe of the knife on a new tub of butter, untouched before you make your mark. Just like a new month in someways. Utimately, your provided with 365 days to do something different, to be something new, to er, swipe the butter. But splitting up these opportunities into 12 handy snippets is a serious way to focus your attention.

So for me I guess its goodbye to blahh, regardless. And to instead embrace a new dawn, (a neww dayyy, a new life, forrrr meeee) and decide what I'm going to do in august. I don't mean keep my room tidy, or re arrange my furniture, but I mean which ways am I going to shape the mold of the coming days in order to change the world around me a little tiny bit?  I don't quite know yet. Do you?

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Hi I'm Jess, I don't wear Jeans.

Not wearing jeans has turned over the past few years, from a casual preference, to a rule to be obeyed at any costs. Don't get me wrong here though, its not that I don't want to wear Jeans, I just can't. Okay, go all sarcastic and witty on me why don't you, yes I know I'm wearing jeans above, which proves I physically can wear jeans, but my dear friends, its on an emotional turmoil level that I simply cannot bear them.

I fear we must back track and delve into the precious territory of my previous contact with jeans. I didn't become an owner of a pair of jeans till around age 10. And again, it was not that I didn't want to, believe me you'd be able to tell for the tears cried and the envious looks at everyone elses denim wonders during primary school non uniform days. (genes for jeans day was and still is the worst.) The reason was pretty simple, and although I've spent the past ten minutes or so trying to come up with a less offensive term to myself, I've basically always been a little fatty. I prefer that then being called either "chubby" or the worst, "cuddly" over the might as well just say I'm fat and get on with it, but anywayyy...I was basically born with bigger hips then the whole team of Olympics gymnasts put together and therefore attempting to fit myself into a pair of jeans was really not by cup of tea (or full fat coke ;))

Then came Tammy's jeans, and a surprise, they fitted!  Though like a pack of non diet pringles, once you pop, you can't stop. A lethal combination of an emo phase and a new found ability to fit into denim came jeans, and jeans, and just more jeans. 8 pairs of black skinnies, and a pair in each of the following; normal blue, electric blue, hot pink, purple and green. I just couldn't help myself.  So I hope its clear to see one reason for this emotional turmoil involving jeans is the repeat button. Its like when 'Someone Like You' by Adele was played constantly on every radio station, all of the time. You just get sick of it, it becomes standard, it becomes boring. (Though I will always adore Adele and that song) but Jeans just became my standard item, and if you haven't noticed, I'm a person bored unbelievably easy. I like change, and I like things to always be evolving, so sticking your legs into denim, day in day out, can be mind numbing and boring.

But the second, and more important reason for my emotional turmoil is because after years of pretending, I know that they just don't suit me. I admittedly own a high waisted navy pair that I wear to death, but normal standard jeans just aren't me. And although I still all to often kid myself while entering changing rooms that I've found the magic pair, its safe to say I probably never will. And really, Its quite horrible to realise something you want, is something you will never have, no matter how hard you try.  Its like all of my proportions are in direct opposition with my heart and head and scream,  "No Jess, you can't wear jeans, the whole of the population can look good in them, but nott youuu." and so every time I put a pair on, its a real confidence defeater. I guess I'll just one day have to accept that being different is not always fun. For as much as I stand out in colour, sometimes, on my shy days I would like to blend into the world in a pair of jeans.

So next time you ask why I don't wear Jeans, remember its not so much as a choice, but as a decision weaved by many experiences over the years. Primary school playgrounds and too much eyeliner have formed  a realisation that its fun to be different when you can, but its not so fun when you have no choice. I'm Jess, I don't wear jeans. and its because they make me sad.


Monday, 30 July 2012

Monday musings.

I thought I'd finally make some sort of conscious effort to regain my love for the blogging world, but since the whole original subject matter has ejected itself firmly out the window i'm left a little unsteady on my feet as to what I'm going to write about, so bare with me on that one. I might just ramble on about the musings demanding mainstream focus in all the various cavities of my brain, or if your lucky, I'll through a few photos and deep philosophical quotes around here for good measure.  Until I come up with anything half decent, I might as well inform all you readers as to what I spent this Monday doing.
  I should have awoke from a dreamlike slumber at 9AM sharp and hastily set out sending emails and planning things for Bakewell, but in true Jess Corcoran style, I uncurled at somewhere past 11 and then dragged myself downstairs, negotiated the TV (we've some new sky HD box, its only real use is too make you feel better when you realise that celebrities can also look a tired and have patchy makeup too, but anywayyy)  and then  settled to watch some wholesome Olympic goodness while munching on a cupcake for breakfast, cause you know, I'm super healthy.

Once I'd actually made myself presentable it was time for a few hours to be spent with my DNA sharers. We wandered around the shops and took a trip to the supermarket rapidly taking over the world. No joke, don't they just like pop up on every corner? hmm, I might get some diet coke,  *cue mock horror at yet another tesco.*  Then I decided to spend nearly ten pound on what seems like absolutely nothing (Vogue, the I, a limited edition bottle of full fat coke, chicken noodle salad, crispsss) Okay, so maybe its just the bargain hunter lurking within me, but still, out of principle, I'd like a lot more for my moneyyy.

After this came a hour or so of tickle wars, hair combing and raspberry blowing with Jacob, who at 4 and a half, is quite possibly my favourite person in the whole wide world. I think his adorably cute laughter, inquisitive nature and hysterically funny antics are enough to put any one in a delightful little mood.  But just don't try steal bunny or froggy.

Even at just gone 8PM the light is streaming through my blinds so I might take a trip all the way downstairs and read vogue in the garden, whilst basking in the sun. Or I'll make a hot chocolate, and watch a film, quite possibly Remember me. I'm tempted to finally unravel the cellophane off my copy of the notebook, but I fear for my emotional heath after hearing its a complete and utter tearjerker, and since I'm the type of girl that cried over watching the royal wedding it might be best to prop myself up with various friends before I take the plunge.  How was your monday?


Thursday, 19 July 2012


I'd like to pretend I've been doing something really worthwhile with all my spare time, but to be honest, I've spent the two months or so dyeing the ends of my hair random colours, avoiding blogging and developing a hatred for all things UCAS related. I might as well update my facebook relationship status to 'in a relationship with the UCAS course finder', and I'm not even joking. Like seriously, I have some sort of what am I going to do with the rest of my life? breakdown at least every other day. And its obvious since my very odd random recent blog posts have all mentioned something about University. And so I'm going to try shutting up about it. "Cause I've got loads of time to decide" even though I quite obviously haven't, but yeah, i'll stop rambling now and try writing something that is of vague interest.

So Er Hi. I guess I should explain my blogging absence. Its been so long since I regularly updated so in all honesty I could throw a bunch of reasons at you and they'd all tell a little part of the story. But basically, It went a little something like this.
Me, in all my destructive skills, managed to break my laptop.  Then along came my birthday. Then along came exams, which alone admittedly would have only set me back for a month or so. But then what appeared was a wave of crippling fear. I felt inferior, unable to write, scared to welcome blogging back into my life. I don't know how or when it happened, but lets just say there is around 11 or so blog posts scattered around that tell the tale of not being able to tackle my own demons. I just couldn't finish a paragraph successfully, its not that the words weren't there, but that they somehow felt trapped? Oh I probably sound so pretensions right now, but I felt trapped in what my blog was, and I didn't know the next level forward.

And in all honesty I still don't really know which way to go with things, but I think i'm scrapping the whole connotation of 'Holy Tightss' . I'm not going to just write about Religion and Fashion, though they are a part of me, they are not all of me. And although I don't really know what is, I'm going to try find it.  So be prepared for what ever inspires/ or interests me.

                                  Or I might just become a deer.

Friday, 13 July 2012

A list to myself...

                              I've forever giving advice, I think its time to take my own.

1. Get healthy.
 Going a day (or two) without drinking ANYTHING is really not a wise move is it? your lack of water and vitamins is starting to show in your ever tired and puffy eyes, the headaches, and come on, at times your quite literally seeing stars. I don't care if you hate the taste of strawberries, they look so lovely, so start eating them. And swap your Mango and Passion fruit cooler from Costa to some actually mango's and passionate fruits. Take a bottle of water with you wherever you go, and be in bed by midnight, every night. You know you'll regret it come 8AM if you don't. 

2. Start thinking. Even though all you've heard in the past month is "university" the summer does not mean its time to stop. Although Staying up till 2AM on the UCAS website course hunting was not your best idea, its time to get serious. You've never been quite so stressed as much as this, so get list making, colour coding. get deciding. Life aint going to be candy canes and sugar plums i'm afraid, so get your act together and start making choices. 

3. Get organized.  Don't blame your busy schedule, and just learn to keep your room tidy for more then 5 minutes. Its claustrophobic when you  have to strategically get from your unmade bed to the door without standing on clothes, or books, or plugs, or well, anything.   And don't go all crazy, but please, buy some sort of filing system. Your always stressed cause your brain can't take anymore. 

4. Seek God.  Jess, what on earth have you been doing for the past few months? I know you wish you could grow back down and be thirteen all over again, but its time to face the mistakes and the seemingly ever piling list of bad character traits that make you question just who you've become. Your still there somewhere, just find God, and you'll begin to find yourself again. 

5. Get inspired.  Fall in love with your camera all over again, remember what it feels like to watch a film and want to change the world. Spark conversations with people that make you want to be a better human being.  Get reading, but most importantly, get writing. If you want to have houses in Paris and New York you better start writing your novel that will outsell 50 shades of grey.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

My University Wish list.

I need a Topshop, a decent church, and a Starbucks. Extra points will be awarded for a H&M, some form of art gallery which can be walked around in, minus the pretentious approach, and of course a fairly large branch of Waterstones to provide for any of fictional desires and often sudden outbursts of mass novel buying. Also accepted are cute, blog post worthy cupcake and hot chocolate establishments. And if the picnic in the park scenario can be easily arranged (wicker and gingham basket obviously) then you've pretty much got me.  If a mulberry shop could be provided, even if only for the window displays, I'd love you, but really you'd have me crying tears of joy at the sight of a OPEN Weasley Owen.

(NOT ACCEPTED: An Edinburgh Woolen Mill, one too many branches of the card factory, a British Heart Foundation charity shop, without an Oxfam, like, seriously, what are you doing?)

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Topshop's Tumblr.

We might as well Continue on the theme of other peoples wardrobes, just so I can tell you all about my guilty pleasure thriving from Topshop's tumblr. Its as simple as its sounds, being a collection of street style photography. Think the Sartorialist, only with more glitter and neon pops, and a good few new season trends thrown in for good measure.  There's something addictive about it to, and viewing it presents you with a desire to combine little elements of each outfit you see, into something of your own. There is the ever pressing need to try out the way the somebody has chosen to wear a oversized T shirt as a dress, but then pair it with a some polka dots tights with fluorescent creepers. Its a collective mix of modern style culture, again, with a click of a button.  Here are some of the photographs I can't help but click and save in my file named 'Inspiration'.


                                                          Images taken from

Question and Answer.

Out of the 4 A levels I take, there is only one that I consistently enjoy. I'm forever falling asleep in law, I just can't do English, and since nobody argues with me enough in RE, I allow Psychology to always come to my intellectual rescue. It always amazes me to delve into what makes people tick, and I really don't know why, but I'm absolutely fascinated by other people. Discovering individual differences amazes me, and trying to understand how experiences shape us is my little personal side project. I'm probably known to drop deep random questions into the middle of seemingly average conversations, but I just can't help myself. I do it with clothes to, if you haven't already guessed of course. I might just be sitting on public transport and see somebody get on, and then start to wonder what makes them wear what they are wearing. I've reverted back to my inner 5 year old and I just can't stop asking 'WHY?'

Obviously in terms of random strangers I can't just go up to them in middle of the street and say "Please, for no reason other then to satisfy the internal dilemma of  the question of 'Why?' that lurks in my mind, could you please explain why you chose to wear vans instead of converse?" So when a opportunity occurs in any shape or form near to this, I'm ecstatic to begin delving in the ever connection process of that connects the experiences and loves of our past, to the outfit choices of our future. I was able to do so in the form of the website StylelikeU. They stalk the inspiration process of some of influential characters of the arts worlds that us mere mortals would never gain access too, and then they put it in a nice little film for us to watch online. Can you get better then that? Inside details of wardrobes and inner sanctuaries that you can view while being on the couch in your Pajama's, sortedddd. Now you don't even have to ask why.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Er, Hi?

I'm writing sentences, then deleting them. Forming paragraphs both here and in my mind, but then the backspace bar must be hit. I've so much to say, but tonight, I'm happy to say nothing much at all. Being back to my little blog is almost in a way like greeting a old friend once again, and even though your positively bursting with nuggets of information, delightful little anecdotes and pictures portraying your newly made memories, being back in their presence is simply enough to be the cause for spontaneous laughter and smiles so wide they seem to stretch for miles on end. It may even cause a few happy tears in among the hugs and kisses a reunion brings. By no means am I crying to be back at my virtual home, but these are rather emotional times. (Oh my word, how sad do I sound?)

Being back, if only for a hour or so, makes me happy. I've missed the feedback, and editing headers, but most of all, I've missed writing. And that my long lost friends, shocks me. I never thought I'd awake and have a desire to just put pen to paper, A craving to just make words form sentences. I've got so many things to write, so much so that 20 or so blog post are lined up. But I didn't want to go all out and type late into the night, I want to wait till I'm back for good, cause I know after that I've never leaving. Exams, and other stressors may have taken center stage in my life in the past few months, but now i'm spending what seems like all my time reading i've realised that I don't know what i'd be without my virtual internet soul baring.

I'll be back properly the second my nail varnish and chocolate stained laptop enters my house, and I. JUST. CAN'T.WAIT.


*Holy Tightss turns 1 on June 21st*

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Lust list #2

Ahh, Thursday nights are always filled with things they shouldn't be - like pointless TV and a lack of essay writing. And the good old favourite, online drooling over things I really really want. The expensive and the beautiful regularly flutter across my screen and leave me a little sadder imaging a life without them, but after what seems like an age without sharing my fashion loves, I just couldn't hold it any longer.

I'm after these Bitching & Junkfood shorts, in fact, I'm practically craving them. I mean, if shorts could talk, they would tell you to buy them for me. There so versatile, and pretty. There so needed in my wardrobe.
I've got a bit of an obsessional lure to shorts at this present moment, and I do not believe my collection of high waisted beauties will be complete until these are resting up amongst them. Denim. Studs. Suspenders.
What more do you really need as an excuse to snap them up?

Urban Outfitters, £80.00

Its my birthday next month, just saying.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Talk back.

You know what one of the best thing about writing a blog post is? The aftermath.

 I never fail to get a total buzz from a comment about something I've written. It is the one thing guaranteed to keep my typing away and redrafting into the night. Its the wholesome prospect of inspiring someone. I'll happily stay up till the birds begin to hum me a lullaby, as long as it means that for, someone, somewhere, a chord is struck. I've had comments, both on here and in the real words, but never until today has someone actually wrote a blog post, about one of my blog posts!

So here we are guys, a virtual aftermath! Brought to us by the lovely Ruth, I'm truly honoured and blessed to say inspiration came from my own blog! Take a read, cause Ruth's a bit of a babe.

Click here to read Ruth's post...

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Uhh Ohh

Its was the "Uh oh" moment that caused me to write this post. The realisation that is a all too familiar occurrence these days.  When did I last pray? well please don't ask me because I honestly can't remember. I'm not talking about praying for others, or the before I sleep thank you's, but the time set out to time with God, free from distractions? the me and God time? or should that be the God and me time? I'm not putting my relationship with God first in my life right now, and as always, the cracks are beginning to show. So here goes the turning off of spotify, the logging out of twitter & facebook, and, deep breath, the turning off of my phone. For at least 20 minutes I'm going to do what is good for me, and spend time with my creator.


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Instagram lover

Someone needs to buy me an Iphone just so I can have Instagram. Until this day I will continue to steal everyone elses's phones and edit pictures to my hearts content. 

Friday, 13 April 2012

A million possibilities...

I'm writing a blog post about the grand national, so before some of  you may kick off; ,  I realise that writing about the Grand national may raise issues for some people. Before you all tell me that 1. I'm not legally old enough to bet, and 2. the race raises various animal rights issues I'd like to explain that ever since I can remember I've chosen a horse every April, and that my Granddad has placed a bet on it. My Granddad unfortunately died in June last year, and therefore as a rather fitting tribute to the man that always had about 10 blue betting pens in all his coat pockets, I will continue to pick a horse for as long as the race runs.

I'm basically using the Grand national as excuse to proclaim my adoration for the underdog, and love for the outsider. While others see the race as a chance to make some money (don't get me wrong, when I was about 10 I won 18 pound and bought a new outfit from peacocks, classy I know) I like the idea of placing a bet on a particular horse for rather frivolous reasons. And yes do I mean that I've often decided where my money goes on the colour and pattern of the jockey's jacket. But really, I love to look at the odds, and then pay no attention to the ones that are supposed to win. Obviously the odds are helpful and there to give you a good idea of the ones most likely to win but I hate the idea of automatically ruling things out due to there previous performances.

Okay, so lets talk bigger then horse terms now. The idea of deciding who or what is best due to varying factors is alright on some terms, but what I dislike is the notion of then ignoring everything that seemingly has lower potential. Surely everyone is equal and that belief is the real key? as opposed certain skills or talents. I get some people are naturally better at some things then others, but should we be really stopping people placing support in others, because they've been shown in the past not to be the most amazing? I believe we can become better through the support and belief of others, and that we'll only really win in life if people embrace the underdog. So my horse might be postmaster, at 150-1, just because, nobody thinks its likely to win and therefore I want to choose it. Call it a desire to be different if you want, but really, I just love the idea of choosing the one shunned for having the least potential.

 I'm on a mission to embrace the outsider with open arms, because you never know there true potential with a little bit of belief behind them.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The sky is blue.

I'd say I'm back, but we all know i'm probably not.

Dear blog readers,
I'd like to say that I'm all fine and dandy at this present moment, but in all honesty I'm struggling to remember how to string words together into snappy little sentences that somehow inspire you. - In simple terms, I guess I can't remember how to blog.  Well not strictly speaking, cause I go on to blogger, click new post and type away, but you know what I mean...
Anyway, what I'm really trying to say here is that I don't know what to blog about. (I actually googled "Fashion" the other day, no joke)

Right now I really couldn't care less that Raf Simons has accepted the long absent position at Dior, and I don't have anything to say about things like LFW back in February except that I actually thought the Topshop Unique collection was pretty boring. This meant when someone said to me a few weeks ago "you haven't wrote about fashion in ages" I was caught a little off guard.

Because Something like this leaves me and my business cards in a bit of a muddle. Cause er, I'm a supposed fashion blogger, but I now longer like fashion. Okay, okay. Maybe the idea of not liking it is a little extreme. But I'm on the side of the line, if there is one of course,  of a fashion blogger who is know longer purposely embracing fashion.  An that my friends is an awkward turtle moment if you ever needed one...

Due to this, I've actually just tried to sit down and write a list of fashion related things I could blog about. And sure some might be vaguely relevant but still none of them really appeal. So i've decided to do what I always do, go of the beaten track and write about fashion in my terms. Through one of the most obvious things you could ever see. So here goes...are you ready?... deep breath and all...... 'The sky is blue...'

I joke, I joke. You can relax now, I'm not writing about the sky being blue, but it is something on the same level of basic fact. I'm dedicating this blog post to the fact that I'm not thin. HA, I know, told you it was obvious didn't I?

 It gather it may seem something a little bit odd to suddenly start writing about, and also a little dated in the sence that the *fat girl revolution* (OH MY WORD, SHE'S A SIZE 10, AND SHE'S ON VOGUE, THE WORLD IS CHANGING!) lost whatever momentum it had a good few seasons ago. Chrystal Renn, please start eating again.  But I'm basically writing about it now because size and shape will forever be on the sidelines of the fashion industry and I promised my little FYI members that I'd make a commitment to trying to love who I am.

So here we go again...I'm not thin. But the difference enduring through this post that might make it somewhat bearable is the notion that I'm never going to be. Of course, I can lose weight but ultimately I can't suddenly make my boobs and hips disappear, so regardless of what I do, I can't have a body shape that fits in with the straight up and down figure that I desire
 A small but much needed a epiphany moment like this means dressing for my shape needs to appear on the cards, and therefore, I might as well blog about it. To keep fashion a more personal outlet, i must take into account what I look like, not just of what I like. So The photo/collageyyy thing that has been chilling above actually holds some relevance, and is not just there for fun, as much as you'd like to believe it is.  See my new leather skirt, charity shop bargain has helped me realise that fashion is about a bigger picture. (my clothes don't talk to me, don't worry.)  Its actually aided the thought process of learning that fashion is best when its fun, and its fun when its makes you feel good.

Fashion may of course be a dreamlike, creative bubble, but it occasionally needs a glitter free injection of reality and practically. I'm obviously still going to wear heels I can't walk in and blouses that cause colds, but i'm going to do it with a regard of who I am, not of what fashion is. There is no point in wearing something that you love, but that in all honestly, looks pretty terrible. Of course we all do from time to time, but we are best when fashion delivers what it should; confidence.

I may to some look a little bit crazy with things such as colours and prints, but when it push comes to shove, I've been too constrained in my overall choices. Fashion, clothes, getting dressed...Its all been half hearted. For some reason I've somehow failed to connect it all - being me, and living it out.
I think this is why a little part of the beating heart for fashion has stopped. I've lost inspiration - because I've lost the focus on diversity and versatility. I've lost who I am in the sea of pretty pastels, and i've drowned ever so slightly in the wave of self conciousness.

So here comes a commitment to myself of a future of pencil skirts and peplum dresses, because I like them, and in turn, they like me. There's also a promise to never ever wearing a drop waist, even if it does look good in The Great Gatsby remake, because well, I'm not Carey Mulligan. And I'm also obviously not Alexa Chung, or Zooey Dechanel, or Lara Stone.

I am in fact Jess Corcoran, ('the sky is blue')  and you know what? while writing this I've decided that fashion is alright. Granted, alone its not going to stop poverty or end wars but its taught me to be who I am, which has delivered a little bit of confidence over the years. And even though I'm over its infatuating qualities I am still learning from it. Because there's a gap between being who you are, and liking it. But fashion can help to bridge it.

The sky is blue, and I'm not thin. Its all just facts, but you can learn to love the obvious with a little help from some sparkle. And One day, I'll be living proof.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Anybody there...

I've forgotten how to blog and i'm pretending to myself that taking random photos of my room will be enough to fill the space i've left for around 2 weeks. 

Happy April. I've got a fringe these days.