Thursday, 19 April 2012

Lust list #2

Ahh, Thursday nights are always filled with things they shouldn't be - like pointless TV and a lack of essay writing. And the good old favourite, online drooling over things I really really want. The expensive and the beautiful regularly flutter across my screen and leave me a little sadder imaging a life without them, but after what seems like an age without sharing my fashion loves, I just couldn't hold it any longer.

I'm after these Bitching & Junkfood shorts, in fact, I'm practically craving them. I mean, if shorts could talk, they would tell you to buy them for me. There so versatile, and pretty. There so needed in my wardrobe.
I've got a bit of an obsessional lure to shorts at this present moment, and I do not believe my collection of high waisted beauties will be complete until these are resting up amongst them. Denim. Studs. Suspenders.
What more do you really need as an excuse to snap them up?

Urban Outfitters, £80.00

Its my birthday next month, just saying.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Talk back.

You know what one of the best thing about writing a blog post is? The aftermath.

 I never fail to get a total buzz from a comment about something I've written. It is the one thing guaranteed to keep my typing away and redrafting into the night. Its the wholesome prospect of inspiring someone. I'll happily stay up till the birds begin to hum me a lullaby, as long as it means that for, someone, somewhere, a chord is struck. I've had comments, both on here and in the real words, but never until today has someone actually wrote a blog post, about one of my blog posts!

So here we are guys, a virtual aftermath! Brought to us by the lovely Ruth, I'm truly honoured and blessed to say inspiration came from my own blog! Take a read, cause Ruth's a bit of a babe.

Click here to read Ruth's post...

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Uhh Ohh

Its was the "Uh oh" moment that caused me to write this post. The realisation that is a all too familiar occurrence these days.  When did I last pray? well please don't ask me because I honestly can't remember. I'm not talking about praying for others, or the before I sleep thank you's, but the time set out to time with God, free from distractions? the me and God time? or should that be the God and me time? I'm not putting my relationship with God first in my life right now, and as always, the cracks are beginning to show. So here goes the turning off of spotify, the logging out of twitter & facebook, and, deep breath, the turning off of my phone. For at least 20 minutes I'm going to do what is good for me, and spend time with my creator.


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Instagram lover

Someone needs to buy me an Iphone just so I can have Instagram. Until this day I will continue to steal everyone elses's phones and edit pictures to my hearts content. 

Friday, 13 April 2012

A million possibilities...

I'm writing a blog post about the grand national, so before some of  you may kick off; ,  I realise that writing about the Grand national may raise issues for some people. Before you all tell me that 1. I'm not legally old enough to bet, and 2. the race raises various animal rights issues I'd like to explain that ever since I can remember I've chosen a horse every April, and that my Granddad has placed a bet on it. My Granddad unfortunately died in June last year, and therefore as a rather fitting tribute to the man that always had about 10 blue betting pens in all his coat pockets, I will continue to pick a horse for as long as the race runs.

I'm basically using the Grand national as excuse to proclaim my adoration for the underdog, and love for the outsider. While others see the race as a chance to make some money (don't get me wrong, when I was about 10 I won 18 pound and bought a new outfit from peacocks, classy I know) I like the idea of placing a bet on a particular horse for rather frivolous reasons. And yes do I mean that I've often decided where my money goes on the colour and pattern of the jockey's jacket. But really, I love to look at the odds, and then pay no attention to the ones that are supposed to win. Obviously the odds are helpful and there to give you a good idea of the ones most likely to win but I hate the idea of automatically ruling things out due to there previous performances.

Okay, so lets talk bigger then horse terms now. The idea of deciding who or what is best due to varying factors is alright on some terms, but what I dislike is the notion of then ignoring everything that seemingly has lower potential. Surely everyone is equal and that belief is the real key? as opposed certain skills or talents. I get some people are naturally better at some things then others, but should we be really stopping people placing support in others, because they've been shown in the past not to be the most amazing? I believe we can become better through the support and belief of others, and that we'll only really win in life if people embrace the underdog. So my horse might be postmaster, at 150-1, just because, nobody thinks its likely to win and therefore I want to choose it. Call it a desire to be different if you want, but really, I just love the idea of choosing the one shunned for having the least potential.

 I'm on a mission to embrace the outsider with open arms, because you never know there true potential with a little bit of belief behind them.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The sky is blue.

I'd say I'm back, but we all know i'm probably not.

Dear blog readers,
I'd like to say that I'm all fine and dandy at this present moment, but in all honesty I'm struggling to remember how to string words together into snappy little sentences that somehow inspire you. - In simple terms, I guess I can't remember how to blog.  Well not strictly speaking, cause I go on to blogger, click new post and type away, but you know what I mean...
Anyway, what I'm really trying to say here is that I don't know what to blog about. (I actually googled "Fashion" the other day, no joke)

Right now I really couldn't care less that Raf Simons has accepted the long absent position at Dior, and I don't have anything to say about things like LFW back in February except that I actually thought the Topshop Unique collection was pretty boring. This meant when someone said to me a few weeks ago "you haven't wrote about fashion in ages" I was caught a little off guard.

Because Something like this leaves me and my business cards in a bit of a muddle. Cause er, I'm a supposed fashion blogger, but I now longer like fashion. Okay, okay. Maybe the idea of not liking it is a little extreme. But I'm on the side of the line, if there is one of course,  of a fashion blogger who is know longer purposely embracing fashion.  An that my friends is an awkward turtle moment if you ever needed one...

Due to this, I've actually just tried to sit down and write a list of fashion related things I could blog about. And sure some might be vaguely relevant but still none of them really appeal. So i've decided to do what I always do, go of the beaten track and write about fashion in my terms. Through one of the most obvious things you could ever see. So here goes...are you ready?... deep breath and all...... 'The sky is blue...'

I joke, I joke. You can relax now, I'm not writing about the sky being blue, but it is something on the same level of basic fact. I'm dedicating this blog post to the fact that I'm not thin. HA, I know, told you it was obvious didn't I?

 It gather it may seem something a little bit odd to suddenly start writing about, and also a little dated in the sence that the *fat girl revolution* (OH MY WORD, SHE'S A SIZE 10, AND SHE'S ON VOGUE, THE WORLD IS CHANGING!) lost whatever momentum it had a good few seasons ago. Chrystal Renn, please start eating again.  But I'm basically writing about it now because size and shape will forever be on the sidelines of the fashion industry and I promised my little FYI members that I'd make a commitment to trying to love who I am.

So here we go again...I'm not thin. But the difference enduring through this post that might make it somewhat bearable is the notion that I'm never going to be. Of course, I can lose weight but ultimately I can't suddenly make my boobs and hips disappear, so regardless of what I do, I can't have a body shape that fits in with the straight up and down figure that I desire
 A small but much needed a epiphany moment like this means dressing for my shape needs to appear on the cards, and therefore, I might as well blog about it. To keep fashion a more personal outlet, i must take into account what I look like, not just of what I like. So The photo/collageyyy thing that has been chilling above actually holds some relevance, and is not just there for fun, as much as you'd like to believe it is.  See my new leather skirt, charity shop bargain has helped me realise that fashion is about a bigger picture. (my clothes don't talk to me, don't worry.)  Its actually aided the thought process of learning that fashion is best when its fun, and its fun when its makes you feel good.

Fashion may of course be a dreamlike, creative bubble, but it occasionally needs a glitter free injection of reality and practically. I'm obviously still going to wear heels I can't walk in and blouses that cause colds, but i'm going to do it with a regard of who I am, not of what fashion is. There is no point in wearing something that you love, but that in all honestly, looks pretty terrible. Of course we all do from time to time, but we are best when fashion delivers what it should; confidence.

I may to some look a little bit crazy with things such as colours and prints, but when it push comes to shove, I've been too constrained in my overall choices. Fashion, clothes, getting dressed...Its all been half hearted. For some reason I've somehow failed to connect it all - being me, and living it out.
I think this is why a little part of the beating heart for fashion has stopped. I've lost inspiration - because I've lost the focus on diversity and versatility. I've lost who I am in the sea of pretty pastels, and i've drowned ever so slightly in the wave of self conciousness.

So here comes a commitment to myself of a future of pencil skirts and peplum dresses, because I like them, and in turn, they like me. There's also a promise to never ever wearing a drop waist, even if it does look good in The Great Gatsby remake, because well, I'm not Carey Mulligan. And I'm also obviously not Alexa Chung, or Zooey Dechanel, or Lara Stone.

I am in fact Jess Corcoran, ('the sky is blue')  and you know what? while writing this I've decided that fashion is alright. Granted, alone its not going to stop poverty or end wars but its taught me to be who I am, which has delivered a little bit of confidence over the years. And even though I'm over its infatuating qualities I am still learning from it. Because there's a gap between being who you are, and liking it. But fashion can help to bridge it.

The sky is blue, and I'm not thin. Its all just facts, but you can learn to love the obvious with a little help from some sparkle. And One day, I'll be living proof.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Anybody there...

I've forgotten how to blog and i'm pretending to myself that taking random photos of my room will be enough to fill the space i've left for around 2 weeks. 

Happy April. I've got a fringe these days.