Saturday, 30 June 2012

My University Wish list.

I need a Topshop, a decent church, and a Starbucks. Extra points will be awarded for a H&M, some form of art gallery which can be walked around in, minus the pretentious approach, and of course a fairly large branch of Waterstones to provide for any of fictional desires and often sudden outbursts of mass novel buying. Also accepted are cute, blog post worthy cupcake and hot chocolate establishments. And if the picnic in the park scenario can be easily arranged (wicker and gingham basket obviously) then you've pretty much got me.  If a mulberry shop could be provided, even if only for the window displays, I'd love you, but really you'd have me crying tears of joy at the sight of a OPEN Weasley Owen.

(NOT ACCEPTED: An Edinburgh Woolen Mill, one too many branches of the card factory, a British Heart Foundation charity shop, without an Oxfam, like, seriously, what are you doing?)

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Topshop's Tumblr.

We might as well Continue on the theme of other peoples wardrobes, just so I can tell you all about my guilty pleasure thriving from Topshop's tumblr. Its as simple as its sounds, being a collection of street style photography. Think the Sartorialist, only with more glitter and neon pops, and a good few new season trends thrown in for good measure.  There's something addictive about it to, and viewing it presents you with a desire to combine little elements of each outfit you see, into something of your own. There is the ever pressing need to try out the way the somebody has chosen to wear a oversized T shirt as a dress, but then pair it with a some polka dots tights with fluorescent creepers. Its a collective mix of modern style culture, again, with a click of a button.  Here are some of the photographs I can't help but click and save in my file named 'Inspiration'.


                                                          Images taken from

Question and Answer.

Out of the 4 A levels I take, there is only one that I consistently enjoy. I'm forever falling asleep in law, I just can't do English, and since nobody argues with me enough in RE, I allow Psychology to always come to my intellectual rescue. It always amazes me to delve into what makes people tick, and I really don't know why, but I'm absolutely fascinated by other people. Discovering individual differences amazes me, and trying to understand how experiences shape us is my little personal side project. I'm probably known to drop deep random questions into the middle of seemingly average conversations, but I just can't help myself. I do it with clothes to, if you haven't already guessed of course. I might just be sitting on public transport and see somebody get on, and then start to wonder what makes them wear what they are wearing. I've reverted back to my inner 5 year old and I just can't stop asking 'WHY?'

Obviously in terms of random strangers I can't just go up to them in middle of the street and say "Please, for no reason other then to satisfy the internal dilemma of  the question of 'Why?' that lurks in my mind, could you please explain why you chose to wear vans instead of converse?" So when a opportunity occurs in any shape or form near to this, I'm ecstatic to begin delving in the ever connection process of that connects the experiences and loves of our past, to the outfit choices of our future. I was able to do so in the form of the website StylelikeU. They stalk the inspiration process of some of influential characters of the arts worlds that us mere mortals would never gain access too, and then they put it in a nice little film for us to watch online. Can you get better then that? Inside details of wardrobes and inner sanctuaries that you can view while being on the couch in your Pajama's, sortedddd. Now you don't even have to ask why.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Er, Hi?

I'm writing sentences, then deleting them. Forming paragraphs both here and in my mind, but then the backspace bar must be hit. I've so much to say, but tonight, I'm happy to say nothing much at all. Being back to my little blog is almost in a way like greeting a old friend once again, and even though your positively bursting with nuggets of information, delightful little anecdotes and pictures portraying your newly made memories, being back in their presence is simply enough to be the cause for spontaneous laughter and smiles so wide they seem to stretch for miles on end. It may even cause a few happy tears in among the hugs and kisses a reunion brings. By no means am I crying to be back at my virtual home, but these are rather emotional times. (Oh my word, how sad do I sound?)

Being back, if only for a hour or so, makes me happy. I've missed the feedback, and editing headers, but most of all, I've missed writing. And that my long lost friends, shocks me. I never thought I'd awake and have a desire to just put pen to paper, A craving to just make words form sentences. I've got so many things to write, so much so that 20 or so blog post are lined up. But I didn't want to go all out and type late into the night, I want to wait till I'm back for good, cause I know after that I've never leaving. Exams, and other stressors may have taken center stage in my life in the past few months, but now i'm spending what seems like all my time reading i've realised that I don't know what i'd be without my virtual internet soul baring.

I'll be back properly the second my nail varnish and chocolate stained laptop enters my house, and I. JUST. CAN'T.WAIT.


*Holy Tightss turns 1 on June 21st*