Monday, 24 September 2012

Take a Trip: The Bluecoat.

In father Corcoran’s haste to kit me out with a new winter coat before even October was weeks away,  last Saturday saw us take a trip to the city centre to scout around the shops in order to find something we could both marginally agree on. He said no to leather and oversized, where as I shook my head and ran far, far away from everything he deemed suitable. We settled on a nice little navy blue number, complete with pleather additions, but I’m sure I’ll do an outfit post on it once the colder days decide to stick with us and it becomes my uniform that I only take off when I sleep. But of course, when wandering around town accumulates to a huge amount of mental shunning of my father’s style decisions what is required is to take a break of some form and head somewhere for lunch.

Queue a trip to the Bluecoat, which is like, my new favourite place ever. In search of something more then a slice of cake we first toured all the little independent shops and then chose the final door to satisfy our lunch desires, and we headed up past the poster filled wall I fell in lust with, and up to the charming bluecoat bistro.  As much as the brown leather couches were subconsciously calling me, I had to for once in my life confer with the essence of practically and select a table. I just can’t do that whole eating without something to lean on, probably because I’d manage to spill something  or drop something, or mostly probably a combinitation of them both.

From the chalk board we choose our calorie infused weapons. With Steve selecting a classic BLT on a wholemeal bread, and me finally deciding on duck spring rolls, we felt it was only a polite courtesy to indulge our curiosity with a portion of home made chunky chips.

The setting was lovely, and the place wasn't too busy. You didn't feel rushed, or that a conversation was a out of the ordinary affair. It was nice to be able to view the goings on down in the courtyard while trying out some of the food in the warmth. The staff were friendly and overall the atmosphere was definitely one I'd like to find myself in again.

The arguable point of the Bluecoat trip, the food - was lovely too. The prices were rather reasonable taking into account the place it is situated and the high quality produce and hand made elements provided.  Although I enjoyed it more then Steve, he too noted that it was "nice enough." With it being lunchtime we failed to establish what desert tasted like, but the chocolate cake I spied out of the corner of my eye seemed very inviting.

Overall, I'd recommend a little look around the Bluecoat if you've never taken the time too. The independent boutiques are a dream, and with the Liverpool Biennial currently on there will sure be something for you to feast your eyes on.

So if you do take a trip to the Bistro, let me know what you think. Steve and I certainly enjoyed it.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Her minds made up, She don't want to go steady. She's only 17, so she's probably not ready.

ladders in tights, ink stained bags, tears over the future. For me, the cracks in the apparent newness of September life are beginning to show. I feel stupid to play some innocence is bliss card, and masking myself in delusions of change is neither sensible, or even half useful. Summer is always signaled as some sort of break, the type of therapy the NHS doesn't offer, but instead I've entered a new academic year some how more internally wound up then when I left it. The causation of which I care not to mention, for I know, most of you probably care not to listen, but the result, is one I have a high distaste for. One of the things that might have possibly got me watery eyed in the common room this week is the fact that by a months time, I've got to decide how I want to spend my future earning money . And as much as I'd like to apologize for the in convenience I gather I'm probably causing to teachers, and fellow members of my form who have to hear my whines of various protests of not knowing, I'm actually not sorry in the slightest. Why at 17 should I know? Its not logical.

Don't get me wrong, because I know what I would like  in life. I'd like to some how change the world, in a little way. I'd like to help out charities, and I'd like to preach the message of the gospel. I'd like to work with disadvantaged children is war torn countries. And I'd like to write articles on my opinion, and have them published. I'd like to educate others on diversity and the importance of equality. I'd like to continue being a student ambassador for the Holocaust Educational Trust.  I'd like to march for Gay pride. I'd like to get married, have children, and live in a house with a red front door, I'd like to read the entire bible and I'd like to teach others that its okay to be different. I'd like to learn how to cook, and how to bake, and I'd like to grow my own vegetables. I'd like to compile huge lists, and I'd like to scrapbook everything that matters to me. I'd like to learn how to be more comfortable with who I am, and i'd to get better at listening to God.  I'd like to one day be overall leader of a venture, and I know at some point I'd like to be a youth worker in a church. I'd like to be able to live with enough income to be able to live without complete restrictions, and I'd like to be able to afford to buy my friends and family gifts, just because I knew they'd love something. I'd like to be able to laugh, and to love, and to explore. I'd like to visit New York City, and Paris, And Italy. I'd like to be an MP. And I'd like to road trip across America. And, I'd like to discover more about my mother.

But picking what to spend the next 3 years of my life studying about? Its not that I'm clueless, because I've been up till gone 2AM on the dreaded UCAS website searching and searching. Its just that, coiled up inside me is the notion that I'm not ready to decide just yet. I'm not ready to reel in my Naivety, or to stop dreaming of having it all. I'm not available for surrendering for the ordinary. And I am in no means capable of stopping my mind from wandering about everything, about being fascinated by anything. I can't just settle. This is not the time to be closing my eyes, and pointing to a star, hoping for the best. Its the time to get serious, to take September with both hands and start running towards my future career path. But I can't. Cause I'm not going to allow myself to be pressured into any half hearted decisions. I do what I want to do, and I do it with passion, but I'm not allowing for regrets years down the line.

I'll decide when I'm good and ready to, when I know what I want. Cause despite the red lipstick, big words and Costa trips, I'm still only 17. And in the eyes of the law, that's still a child. I don't want to grow up just yet, despite what September is bringing.