Saturday, 26 February 2011

REVIEW: London fashion weekend

I'm writing this half asleep in my unbelievably messy room. Floordrobe has never been quite so fitting after Friday nights frantic major "I have no clothes/I look terrible/ I hate my lifeeeeeeee" affair. The day started at six AM with a fringe that refused to lie flat on my face and a closed first class lounge. There were various embarrassing moments to do with the tube, my auntie shouted "THE MAP IS LIKE MONOPOLY!" - que practically the whole world turn round to look at the dozy scousers & I asked the man if we could get to Huston from Covent Garden, we shall say no more.

The fashion show was fabulousssss darhling, apart from the skinniest model I have ever seen. She took thin to a whole new level - her head was actually bigger then her body. Show bags included mouthwash - what i'd always wanted! and no outfit post is happening anytime soon - my camera's dead.

Tomorrow ish I will blog again revealing more delights of see little trip,
until then

(Alan Johnson was in our carriage- AHHHHHHHHHHH!)

yes alan - Pray for fashion.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Gh my Burberry. you've did it well, of course you always do. Monochrome is a faithful look to choose,  we fellow Brits salute you. Now where on earth is that trench coat of mine?

Monday, 21 February 2011

FASHION & STYLE: Alice in Temperland.

The Temperly London show didn't go without its Hiccups. Twitter was rife with rumours that because of the delay at the show which took place at the British Museum several influential Fashion figures actually walked out before Alice Temperly's designs took to the catwalk. Hilary Alexander of the Telegraph later explained that because of the 45 minute wait she simply went out side for a cigarette. Though many agree the collection marking 10 years of Temperly London was indeed worth the wait.

How gorgeous is this dress please? everything about it is fabulous, from the fish tale shape to the intricate lace details. The black leather gloves, red lips and pulled back hair are perfect additions to the masterpiece.

The good old tux. I love the waistline and the draping of the jacket.

                     There's a new famous musicians daughter on the modelling scene. Forget Pixie & Peaches Geldof, bye Zoe Kravitz. Its Annie Lennox's daughter, Tali.

                                                This little beauty is my favourite, what a perfect A/W piece.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

FASHION & STYLE: how do you call a superhero for its tea? Dinner dinner dinner dinner BATMAN!

Everyone loves a bit of an androgynous take on clothing. A boyfriend blazer, unfitted white shirt and jeans rolled up to the ankles are well and good, but as they say - its the shoes that make the man. (Or woman!)

How do you combine this with a new season trend I hear you cry...
well, these Jill Sander brogues of course. Colour blocking couldn't easier then these lace up lovelies!

[No superpowers required]