Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Keep your filthy paws, off my silky drawers.

The dog is clean, and my pants aren't silky, but go with my grease reference people.

Wow, an outfit post. Shocker eh? And its all just because I wanted to show you all my new jeans, and new puppy. Most definitely in that order too. I'm not a fan of 3AM barking, but what does gain my seal of approval is comfy attire this time of year. I'm sure most of you know will know my love/hate relationship with all things denim, (if not, click here) and my reluctantly to try pairs on without the comfort blanket of the high waisted tag, but when I saw a classic denim pair with the perfect stretchy fabric on Sunday, a dash to the changing rooms was only common courtesy don't you think?

I love them. They are normal Jeans. And they fit me. What else do I need to say on this matter? its just like the leather jacket/denim jacket/perfect heels dilemma facing all of us at some stage or another. I'm happy my winter wardrobe has know been guaranteed comfort and warmth thanks to the lovely Dorothy Perkins. I salute you for making me feel normal.

But more news on the little fluffy teddy bear on my hands. she's 4 months old and called Beryl. (No I did not name her, I would not inflict such cruelty on a animal) and she's starting to annoy me by being everywhere, but there's nothing nicer then coming home from a draining day in sixth form to have that cutie great you.

My UCAS form has finally be sent off, yay!