Thursday, 29 September 2011

BOOKS & MAGAZINES: No kindle for me.

When it comes to film and television, we can take a lot of style inspiration without even physically realising. But its only when fiction role play is shaped in the form of hundreds of pages of words and shaped to create a much deeper character do we really start to strive to be like the supposed person in question. I know that in all my 16 years, I've been shaped by various different mediums but never has anything resided over books in the list of items able to transform me.

One particular author is the root of my ever present love affair of books. That ladies and gentleman is Jacqueline Wilson. I've read pretty much every single book she'd wrote before I turned 13. (I tore myself away a bit before this age, 'Kiss' just did not live up to my expectations I'm afraid) It may be strange to say I owe a person I've never met so much, but its ultimately completely true. Not only did Wilson spark a desire in me to write, she also made me want to expand my literacy knowledge,  although I've still never got round to reading Anne Frank's diary despite the fact I hopefully pined to find the text after reading 'Secrets'.

As I grow up I need to start finding novels that will yet again deliver the same connection that I found with practically each one of Jacqueline Wilson's books. On odd occasions I've discovered a few, namely 'Lets get lost' & 'Pretty Things' by Sara Manning and 'Everything beautiful' by Simmone Howell. I could name to you a few more but no more then 5 could be added to the list at this present time. A reason for this is the simply the lack of time I've had to get lost in a good book, so taking English at A Level brings at least one advantage.

I've finally got my hands on a copy of 'the Virgin Suicides' that I've been eager to read for an age, especially since I saw the film a year or two ago. I wonder If this could quite possibly be a book to shape my current identity in some way. Although I've not yet hit half way in the book, I'm already begining to be captivated by the idea of the long flowing, raggedy hemmed wedding dress the youngest Lisbon sister is mentioned as always wearing before she takes her last breath and leaps. Even if I don't take anything from the story itself, I know I'm going to be left somewhat facinated with the front cover of the book. I just love the picture.

Once I've finished it, I'll let you all know my thoughts and opinions as to if it really lives up to its hype. And as to its depth of impact on me.

MISC: Onwards & Upwards.

A giant hello to my ever growing beautiful collection of readers! A big thank you is in order to well, every single one of you. Whether you've been a dedicated reader/stalker from the start or even if this is the first time you've uncovered my hopefully somewhat poetic rambles you deserve to know how unbelievable grateful I am. Just the basic fact of you even clicking a link or leaving me a comment thrills me with such utter Joy. I'm so blessed to have a huge collection of you who regularly go out of your way to read my latest update. Believe me, there's nothing like wearing something out and having someone say, "Oh my word, its the shoes from your blog". Or , when shopping you bump into a reader and they tell you that they are buying dungarees because you wrote about them.

That feeling that I can have such an positive influence on you makes me realise how blessed I am. I hope that through the words I write on here, I can make you want to be yourself instead of hiding behind a mask. And I pray that I can keep the religious among you inspired and on fire for Jesus, or even begin to consider him for the first time.

With all this in mind, I made a pledge. If you haven't set your eyes upon it yet you can simply click here. The basic idea was to give something back to you in some way, And I thought a more clear outline of what I want this blog to be about may aid both me and you equally. I wrote about posting my day to day fashion adventures more often, so here you all are.

A confession is owed to you who don't see me on a daily basis, I wore this dress for sixth form and its actually a part of my personal uniform that I'm not even allowed to really wear,  but shhh! Its a start for now. I do completely apologize for not doing them before this date, I've only just discovered how to actually work my tripod and the idea of doing an awkward pose for a camera someone else is holding is completely disconcerting.

I'd also thought I'd let you all in on seeing some of my wall! All the writing are some of my favourite bible verses which I one day might do a separate blog post on, but until next time.

Jesus, Love & Fashion.

Jess xxx

Friday, 23 September 2011

RELIGION:To new beginings

I've always struggled when it came to writing about the 'holy' part of holy tightss. With feeling that there is so much to say, I never really seem to know where to start. Although my relationship with God has greatly improved this summer, I'm still sometimes at a loss as really what I should be telling you all about it.
I've a confession for you all in the sense I can't actually wait for next summer, even though we've only really just left the previous one. Honestly, I'm not really enjoying sixth form at all but I know that Its were I should be. Not in a "I'm going to get the right grades here" type of place but I prayed into staying or leaving and I know that in my heart I'm there for a reason, I just might not know the reason.

I was reminded of this fact when last night, Heather Fuller (One of the all round amazing Fuller family) posted a link to my ramble saying goodbye to summer. I realised that actually I can't be waiting around, looking forward to another summer of serving god. I should be looking forward to getting up tomorrow and listening for the opportunities to tell others about Jesus in my day to day life. I want God to infect every single area of my life, I don't want any part of it, no matter how small to not reflected the glory of Jesus. My blog is holy tightss, though I'm not necessarily aiming to be some holy perfect person. I want you to know I have flaws, but Its in Jesus and only Jesus I'm made perfect.

So i'm going to stop looking to the future, I'm going to start looking to right now. I trust God has a plan for my life and he's going to guide me, I just have to follow him willingly and whole heartedly. It may be near to 11 o clock in the evening, doesn't mean I can't be a light to Jesus.  I'm not talking about preeching the gospel, but simply a kind word. A text to check someone is okay, just letting them know your there. Even simply a silent prayer. Everything can be done for Jesus.

So with the first ever "FYI" session tonight, I'm starting my own new begining. A time of living for Jesus, Full stop. Not deciding the time and place, let God do that.  So get out of bed tomorrow morning, and know your living for your King, whats the point of getting up if your not?

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

FASHION & STYLE: Put your hats up...

See, one way to start this short but sweet post would be to talk about my unrequited love and admiration for black floppy hats. Admitting at this point that I stalk all various fashion week street style photography in order to find fashion editors and bloggers alike wearing my dream hat, seems a pretty obviously statement don’t you think? Apologies to all, your probably boring to my millinery infatuation. Why I'm off away on  some hat nonsense when I already dedicated at least of a third of a lengthy AW’ 11 blog post may seem rather pointless to ‘some of you‘. I take that back, and have decided that ‘most of you’ fits the bill much more aptly. Unless you saw me run back into school last Friday lunchtime some what excitedly cradling my Primark bag you will have failed to heard the news that once against proves me, Jess Corcoran to be contradictory. I say one thing, then do another. Always the way.

I said this was short and sweet, so let me keep to the point. And being blunt is best; I bought a hat. Practically the very same hat I’d written about with a somewhat lack of hope just days before.See I said I was not ‘a hat person', I’d even sub consciously told myself  many a time that I was not ‘a hat person’. But high diet coke levels and a £6 price tag collided and before I knew it I was in the queue, undoing all them years of my head telling my head it couldn’t wear what it wanted.

So therefore my advice to you: Do what you want. And don't stop doing what you want.
Please, never be afraid of being who you want to and wearing what you want. Stop all the comments inside your own head that claim a superiority when deciding outfits. And actually start living.
Be Taylor Monsem one day, A sugarplum fairy then next.

Let your inspirations shape you, and let the worries float away.
Your free, And beautiful.
So dress like it.


Thursday, 8 September 2011

BOOKS & MAGAZINES: You had my heart and soul.

It was in Asda that I'd spotted the issue of Rolling Stone, emblazoned with her face. And although I’d seen the cover around about on various websites and blogs, spotting it attached to a magazine holding countless articles, features and competitions was a different thing entirely. It was in late April if I remember correctly, because at the time my other heroine Miss Chung was taking to another front line Vogue spread. I'd actually ventured out with the idea's to buy Vogue itself, but when rolling stone caught my eye some high pitched noise exited my mouth. Wrestling delegations between my head and my heart was rather quick and superficial. I chose Adele, though in fact, I'd long already chosen Adele.

I loved her instantly from Chasing Pavements. Her deep soulful voice captured my heart in away no other artists has managed to master to the same level, even after 3 or so years of musical infatuations Adele has always had a place in my heart. That, I'd say, owes to her utter willingness to expose herself so openly through her music. Night after night on tour she bares her soul to thousands with the beautiful lyrics that either bare her heartbreak or screw you attitude, depending on the guy of course. Adele is real, she's the complete opposite of not only the talent, but also the image expected from the music industry. The fact that Adele cannot only write but also play both piano and guitar appears rather unusual in today's age. Listening to her not only makes me cry a hell of a lot but it also makes me happy. Its like therapy.

Now then, Adele on Vogue. Absolutely bliss. I've never anticipated a single magazine so much. I walked into the shop, saw it, and did some strange little celebratory dance. Then I spent the whole day cradling it and refusing to let anybody touch it. A person so real on a magazine that tends to be so fake is such a joy. She will not accommodate anybody else’s prejudice, she is who she is and you can like that or not.  There's that fire you see with Adele on television, the outrageous laughter and non stop chatter mixed with the sensitivity you in her music. Its a brilliant combination, If she wasn't so alive you wouldn't feel the passion and raw emotion brought about by her re living them old memories constantly. I feel as if Adele is my friend because of her accessability. She's also fearless in her love, she'll jump even though she might still feel the pain of previous relationships. She's a true inspration to me, while still making me want to be me.   she doesn't have to lessen the pain she speaks of nor develop a more eleagant laugh, or lose weight to cover a glossy fashion bible, the talent rules above it all. She's purely and openly herself, showing us all you don't have to change who you are to get what you want.
Thank you Adele.


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

FASHION & STYLE: A/W lust list ramble.

Its one of those mildly annoying moments that occur every so often. it is in that time of reflection for new trends after hopelessly pining and having to admit to defeat and declare to yourself that as much as you want it, It just ain't going to happen. Okay so I'm going to be blunt and say I want a hat to be my key season piece.. But I'm also going to inform you, if you haven't already guessed that is, is that I can't have a hat. Purely for the fact I'm not 'a hat person'. As much as I wish I had the right type of head for a hat, its just not going to happen. Beanies and Beret's are my limits, after that I'm walking a tight rope into a somewhat dangerous territory, maximised entirely with the ratio of the whole hat/head affair I shamefully cannot fathom to completely get my mind around (I didn't say head, I thought that might have been a tad too far) "round peg, square hole" is a definite description if ever one was needed to fully explain the lack of hats in my life.
Juni | 2011 | My Blomquist | Nyheter24*Valentine*Fotos de Diana Raquel Silva - ♥.♥ (1)
                                                                Images from weheart it. com
Though it is of course important for you to know that my hat cravings for A/W do not explore the whole dimension of the millinery industry but in fact they merely expand to the 70's type, wide floppy brim, in a classy black of course, a bow if I'm I'm feeling generous. If you could even call that an expansion is purely based on your cynicism. `In the past with street style it always seemed to be, the statment pendant concluded the outfit or the aztec printed tights where the real source of the wardrobe emsemble that was seemingly looked upon with awe. This A/W season the hat stood up,  the hat decided to stand out and add the extra, rather three dimension appeal to a outfit that 2010 A/W season ultimate buy of a praised camel coat couldn't achieve. Sure, everyone took the celine approach to dressing for a few months and we all may have looked classic and chic, but don't you think it was perharps on the boring side?

Mary Katrantzou Fall 2011 Ready-to-WearMarc Jacobs Fall 2011 Ready-to-WearDon't get me wrong, I have admiration for those who can do the whole 'one piece' minimal dressing but in opinion, I find it rather boring. It may always look good, but what is truly the point of the whole idea of personal style if you can't have fun with it? Finally catwalk collections and the occasional haute couture garment have decided to agree with me on this one and have embraced the idea of indivulism into main stream high fashion for this season. If your going to sample the look for yourself note the clashing, wild graphic prints thrown at us by the likes of Mary Katrantzou. My personal favourite print is brought to us mainly by designers like Marc Jacobs, of   course If I could I'd pair my Polka Dots with the hat i'm dreaming of.

If I ever decide experimentation with some other key trends of the season I'll definately pair them. I'm thinking the more provocative elements seen combined with an androgynous edge. So maybe a pair of my beloved Henry Hollands stocking tights and heeled loafters? Although leather was seen doing most of the work for the majority of the suggestive borderline influences we've seen I still can't get my mind away from lace, I love the sort of innocent element about it than can seen to be corrupted with harsher fabrics to create a part way image of the examples we've seen. For me, trying out a look like this would definately lessen on the formalities and take a old photograph of Courtney Love in her slip dresses as an image of creative direction as oppose to the one of Kate Moss in leather seen in from the Louis Vuitton.

 As much as I love sixties, I think I'll be leaving that to the likes of Alexa in this months Harpers Bazaar. I don't think anyone can compete while she's printed on glossy pages in that absoutley beautiful Stella McCartney dress that we happened to see, though more discreetly on the pages of Elle a month earlier only with Kirsten Dunst trying out the look. And while were on the subject of new season trends...Stars have grew on me, But only if there they high end kind, and combined with my good old lace like the D&G dress we saw Miss Allen Sport on the July cover of the magazine as opposed to horrible cheap tacky stuff from New look covered in stars that reminds me all too much of being 12.

I'm sure I'll be blogging of more magazines soon..Adele is on Vogue and its out thursday! Until then!

Friday, 2 September 2011

RELIGION:Goodbye Summer.

This post has no paticular direction to any of the things I blog about, but I feel that somewhere I need to express this summer. As I greet the early hours of the 2nd of September I feel a mix of emotions. I'm happy, unbelivablely happy. but I'm also feeling quite a sadness. I feel a mixture of nervous excitement about the next two years education wise, but I'm scared in the sense that I have to grow up a little bit more. This summer has changed me, and I think I'll never forget the unbelievable things that have happened. I've achieved so much in my own eyes, and I hope in God's too. I did the last "god slot" ever in efriday, the very place I have to thank for my faith. and I lead on Bakewell, upfronted in Kids Klub, helped out at tiddlywinks, told people from various primary school's including my own about Jesus, upfronted at holiday club, and ran a pretty successful fashion show. And there just the big things, I also have loads of memories that will stay with me forever, I made so many new friends and got to know old ones better.  This summer has made me happy, and truly grateful for life. God is good, and therefore life is good.

September is bringing change, one of my best friends is off to Uni in Leeds and I know I'm going to have a Megan shaped hole in my life until she returns but I know she's going to have such an amazing experience. If you'd have told me when I turned 16 in may all the stuff the few months after would bring I simply wouldn't have listened.

See nothing here is worth reading to you, but I feel I need to say goodbye to summer and welcome september. but honestly, I'll never forget you summer 2011, you've been the best and I thank God for that :)