Tuesday, 21 June 2011

MISC/STYLE/RELIGION: Sorry, Its been a while...

On the eve of the final exam (textiles, appropriate don't you think?) I've finally decided to take to the laptop to try and write something more then a status. Read with much caution the word "try", but please don't worry yourselves, I am quite ready to fail. See after nearly a month without really writing anything (History and English do not count, half of my essay's made absolutely no sense) I think I've genuinely forgotten how too.

I don't know what I want to say to you all, expect that some of you more observant lifeforms may have indeed noticed the fact the URL has changed, again. I just can't help it, I get bored.

That's something I'm not going to apologize for though, my lack of contentment means that I'm constantly trying to make things better.I am in every sense the opposite of a perfectionist and I do hate most changes but when it comes to achieving something I'm happy with, admittedly I can't seem to find a balance between my own acceptance and the approval of others.

I guess that same thing comes in to context in our own personal style. When in life are we finally mature enough and self assured to say "you know what? this is who I am" and then reflect our attitudes, emotions and feelings through our clothing. It is of course no easy battle to conquer. When do you stop caring or seeking others opinions on your outfits? because if your outfits are meant to reflect your personality, why should you be judged for who you are.

Now is the time for me to hold my hands up and say, I do it. I judge, and I don't mean too and I shouldn't, but I somehow I still do. Its not to a major extent at all but it is something slightly evident both in my life and everyone Else's. It seems to be a default reaction when yet we have absolutely no right to judge anyone, only God can judge. I think that's something we should all really think about, we hate being judged, yet we judge.

The cycle has to stop, and soon.