The little things.

Daisy chains. New nutella pots. My nan. Red Barry M nail varnish. Big thick magazines. Train journeys. Classic Ipods. Instagram. Doodling hearts. Finding quotations I love. Cans of Diet coke. Being blissfully happy and dancing around. Thick winter knits. The sky. Finding a song and listening to it on repeat. High waisted anything. The smell of L'Oreal ellnett hairspray. Best friends. New notebooks. Homemade presents. Expensive perfume. Sharpie markers. Cute kisses. Getting lost in books. Noodles. Strawberry cider. Fifties style dresses. Sharpened pencils. Long hugs. Walking past men who smell incredibly attractive. Making bracelets. 50's style dresses. The memories of the Cyfa weekend away 2009. Taking photographs. Getting all dressed up. The Richardsons. Things with studs on. Little tea lights. Anything soap and glory. Being born and bred a scouser. The arctic monkeys. deciding on a different tattoo every day. Bus rides. Headphones. Walking around town alone. Colour. The albert dock. New dresses.  False eyelashes. When my blog makes a difference. Laughter. Jacob and Amelie. New cities. Bright lights. Black inky pens. Acoustic songs. Tights that stay up. Cuddling. New brighton. Cupcakes. Shopping. Free stuff. Finding new favourite bible verses. Oversized hoodies. Old couples still in love. Skype. Maccies breakfasts. Petticoat skirts. Tropicana smooth. Music being the soundtrack of my life. Late night conversations. Love.

Life. I love life.

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