Wednesday, 30 November 2011

MISC: My new nails!

    Nail art has been circulating around for a while now, so with the help of my lovely friend Fiona I finally ditched my ever present crimson colour in order to sport this perfect polka dot pattern. It has now a somewhat disgraceful chipped state due to my own lack of care and enjoyment for picking of the little white spots (it was so fun, seriously) but I definately love them, and I will certainly try persuade Fiona to paint them again for me!

I hope your all having a great week, and i'm excited to reveal the christmas project i've been blabbing on about over on the holy tightss facebook page! many people are already involved, but if you want to be, simply let me know!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Now Velvet happens to a fabric & trend that divides people. Personally, I've grown from a hater of anything of the sort to rather loving any velvet items I can get my hands on! particularly in my favourite colour....

This is why I want this dress, right now. Not only is it nipped in at the waist but it also has the cutest cut out heart panel at the back! I'd chuck on a leather jacket, a pair of opaques and some chunky ankle boots to keep things casual. Or go all out with an up do, statement eye makeup and skyscraper heels to complete a look for a party or event!

This dress is an item your wardrobe would never tire of! Its that crucial length for numerous occasions, and is a great addition to have considering were fast approaching Christmas.

I'm kinda making up excuses for you to go buy it now since I really want to convince myself to go spend fifty five British pound on it, why do you do this to me Topshop?!

I guess I'll leave you all to ponder as to part with your cash;  But I know this is definitely on my Christmas list.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

PROFILE: Hannah Waddelow

Now I'd like to write some big fancy introduction that would do Hannah justice, but I honestly don't think I can. Not only is Hannah unbelievably talented, she's also a beautiful person both aesthetically and in her words and actions. Everyone knows someone like Hannah; kind, thoughtful and talented yet completely modest about it. I wish I could explain my thoughts of Hannah in a way that would give you insight into who she is and her wonderful music, but I'm struggling to do so, far too much to say. So to let you in on her secrets I asked her some questions instead....

                                                 Hannah and I at PLAY FOR INDIA: THE PICKET GIG.                           

Hi Hannah! If someone reading this does not know who you are, how would you explain yourself in 20 words? Ordinary teenager with a few odd perks and a love for music, trying to find my place in this world!

The link to your songs is at the end of this post, why should we go listen?Please listen to my song because I'm not too sure what I want to do with my life, but music has always been a strong passion of mine. It's been one of my aims for a few years now to make a song of some sorts and hopefully go on to do make some EP's (and maybe something more someday?) so I'm really please with the outcome of this track as it was recorded from three different places in the country! I have hopefully created a track that at least one person in this world can relate to. It'd mean more than any of you know just to take one listen.

And if you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?Oh my goodness, this is really one of the hardest questions that can ever be asked. My music taste varies so much and I'm getting back into my 90's music which I'm not too sure is good or bad...
I guess, I can't really pinpoint one song but one of my most beloved singers is Charlie Simpson and I love the song "Thorns"  from his new album Young Pilgrim, so I'd check that out.

Who influences your music?
Again, I have so many influence for the music I wish to create. The two guys I created this song with, Chris Nelson and Karl Scott are massively influential to me. I love both of their material for the purity of both lyrics and sound. On the other hand, main influences for music are Charlie Simpson, Gabrielle Aplin, Bon Iver, Snow Patrol, Maroon 5, Water's Edge, Coldplay and Ed Sheeran..there are probably more, but these are quite a few.

3 items you could not live without?errr my laptop/the Internet, my ipod and it's either going to be my book or a phone..

what are you most grateful for?
Honestly, I'm most grateful for everything. For family and friends, mistakes I have made and that I'm going to make. I'm grateful for just being given a chance to maybe do something with my life from the help of others.

where can we find out more about you?You can find out more about me on my twitter or on my bandcamp page! If I feel I have enough support I may set up a facebook page, who knows!

And finally, the future? I'm really basing anything that I do in the future on the reactions of this single. I'd love it if maybe people gave me some feedback on the song on what they like and didn't like, the kind of things they'd maybe like to here. I'd love to produce an EP in the new year, maybe some more singles collaborating with a few people from here there and everywhere. Who knows, I'm just taking chances as they come at the minute.

You guys can all go check out Hannah's single here:

Sunday, 20 November 2011

INSPIRATION: collected images

In my opinion, all the best blogs around feature a lot of photography. Words are obviously a wonderful tool that can influence and inspire you greatly, but I hold strong adoration for a certian image that can make you want to get up and change, be it dress it differently or stop world hunger. From time to time I see a photograph browsing around the internet and click the save button. They then become a collection of tucked away images If I'm honest, I barely look at. Though stumbling on them again today I thought I'd just share a few of the fashion/style photographs I've saved recently.

                                                           Mary Kate/Ashley Olsen
                                              Street style photography from fashion week.

Friday, 18 November 2011

TLT: A friday night in.

I spend pretty much every single friday night in church. This is why its such a joy to be typing this in my PJ's, free of makeup and with a large mug of hot chocolate by my side. And its not even 8pm, utter bliss.
Don't get me wrong, I love being at FYI every friday evening, but sometimes I really do just need a break to shut the world out and spend some quality time with my DVD collection. Its such a nice feeling to be sitting here without actually having to think about doing anything else tonight, simply relaxing and spending a hour and a half staring at Aaron Johnson.


TELEVISION: The little love affair.

Now you don’t need to know me well to understand for the past two years or so, I’ve been absolutely utterly obsessed with all things Chung. The once model expanded her reign to be the queen of witty TV comments and eventually launching her own chat show stateside, Its on with Alexa Chung (we all know it got cancelled, so shhh!)But these days, especially considering she broke my future husbands heart (Alex Turner will be mine one day, I know it) I’ve slowly moved away from my obsession with her. See Chung and Turner were the ultimate indie rock ‘n’ roll “it” couple before they broke, but nowadays I’m paying homage to the couple that are not even a couple.

If the shock of the lack of love for Miss Chung was not enough, its time to drop another bombshell. These days I’m an X Factor watcher. Even after all my criticisms of it I’m hooked. I mean come on, Marcus Collins’s 50 style numbers…I need to get myself that gorgeous blue blazer he was sporting a few weeks ago.
But I have to confess that I’m also a Xtra Factor watcher, and yes I know that makes me seem exceptionally sad, but I just can’t help it. Xtra factor is actually the soul reason as to why I’m writing this blog post…Out with Alexa and Alex and in with Caroline and Olly.

I am truly in love with them both, I do not care that they are not actually a couple; I like to pretend that all there playful banter is in fact a double bluff to the motion that they are secretly dating. I think I watch X factor, so I can watch Xtra Factor. I even tweeted them, I know, I know…shame on me. Caroline made me consider changing my continuous red nails to the turquoise affair I saw she had on last Saturday night. And her wardrobe choices of short fitted dresses and blazers topped with the occasionally quirky accessories leave me wanting to go to my wardrobe and burn everything that is not effortlessly stylish.

She’s got dipped dyed hair too, everybody cheer! And of course Olly, Oh Olly. What can I even say about you? Please be mine, I know I used to ridicule everything about you but I couldn’t help falling for you. So marry me, or sing to me. Or just tweet me back ;)

While all of you lot, casually watch X factor and are able to move on with your lives, I’ll be replacing my shrine to Chung with photos of Caroline's company cover. And of course designing my dress for my wedding to Olly/Alex…Depending on which one realises their undying love for me first.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

TLT: nothing quite like a letter...

I guess this post is a little overdue considering the length of time ago I actually received this letter, but no time like the present eh?

I thought I'd start my first "TLT:" (The little things) by telling you about the absolutely delightful letter I received from one of my best friends who's away at uni. Its not an exaggeration that this letter actually made my day, more then any tweet, text, inbox or email ever could. See the beauty of a letter is that you cannot just write one on a whim, it requires a fair bit of thought for the content your going to add, then there's the extra hassle of finding a envelope, a stamp and a good old red postbox. So when one does happen to arrive on your doorstep, its lovely to realise someone has gone to that amount of effort to keep in touch and inform you all about the latest goings on in their lives.

A letter is also adorably personal; you can't see somebody's messy scrawl on a blackberry screen nor can you feel the emotion in the words with only the shortened versions and the lack of punctuation that seem to demand attention on the internet. A letter is very old fashioned in the context of today, but that makes me love the idea of them just a little bit more. I nearly cried when I'd finished meg's letter, I'd forgotton just how much I had missed her. Although texts & facebook have kept us constanly talking, I felt with this letter I'd done some listening.

I just need to sit down and write a reply...

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


One of the many things that Liverpool seems to be rife with is undiscovered talent. Name a particular area, yet it seems us scousers already have it covered. We've topped headlines for various things over the years; Art, Sport & fashion being major players. Though nothing lures in crowds to our city like the music. The glorious melody's and voices have poured out from our city for decades, spilling rapidly out into the rest of the big, wide world. By no means is it to discredit the previous outstanding artists and bands created in good old Liverpool and to hint that there is a lack of newness on the music scene. I want to in fact share with those that don't already know, that Liverpool is most definitely still a creative, vibrant place absolutely brimming in not only talent for music, but also a passion for it. And a desire to make a real difference through it.

This is why telling you about 
'PLAY FOR INDIA: the picket gig' is really exciting, this event is set to be a absolutely amazing night. Forget a single band playing a hour set maximum, this Saturday at the picket is your opportunity to see SIX different acts singing & playing their hearts out. It would actually be a shame to miss out on such an occasion, purely on a new talent basic alone - but that's not the only reason I'm encouraging all you readers to get down there.

'PLAY FOR INDIA' is a bit like what it says on the tin. All profits for the gig are going directly to funding Erin Gillespie's trip to India as part of a world challenge project in the summer of 2012. Thinking Stranack, Manifesto, The Artillery, Masterfly, Sophie Magee and Strangers Parlour are quite literally playing to help raise money to fund a project that will touch and change lives for ever. Now if that’s not a good excuse for a gig, what is?

I know that a good time is undoubtedly guaranteed from seeing these acts perform. But its even better to know that in the small fee your paying for this night, your making a huge difference to Erin's world challenge fund, which in turn makes a difference to the project...a project that will change people's lives. And with that, your doing your bit to change the world for the better. Through this gig your reaching out and helping others, maybe not personally, but nevertheless your contribution is going to change things for the people that need it most. All that from a Saturday night at the picket? I told you Liverpool's music scene is different to anywhere else.


Guys I'm back! After the disastrous incident with a bottle of nail varnish remover and my keyboard its fair to say I've learnt my lesson. I think I might finally be growing up just a tiny bit and realising that I have to actually be more careful about things (I'm on my forth Ipod, and my 7th phone)
I'm also rather proud of the fact that it is now completely fixed (thanks to the best youth worker ever) and that my parents are none the wiser as to the fact that I actually perfomed such a insanely stupid action, and believe me, in my 16 years of life, there's been an awful lot of them.

I seriously couldn't face telling them, but now they will never found out so its such a good job that they don't read my blog!

But anyway...what else is new?!
I've got stuff to blog about of course! Be prepared for a post coming shortly on a very exciting event taking place on saturday night which you've all gotta come to!  and I need to tell you about my ever present desire to mary Alex Turner! Ooh, and the fact I've given up church for a few weeks (don't panic)So prepare yourselves people. Ooh and I hope you like the new winter 2011 look!

I'm also trying to write more like I sound, considering some people say my blog actually is nothing like me!