Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I was so excited when I unwrapped my Lomography Diana F+ camera on Christmas morning. I've been dying to get my hands on one for such a long time, particularly after visiting the brands Manchester branch. Walls covered with photos charmed me instantly and I knew one of their cameras was to be pride of place on my wishlist, especially to mark the start of a new year. It may seem a little obvious,with the new name above but I finally feel ready to take things in a new direction. I mean that in a sense of both blogging and life, and my camera is to the perfect inspiration to do so. In blogging terms, I'm saying goodbye to holy tightss and all its fashion pretentiousness and welcoming more of a visual diary to my life, hopefully it will encourage me to write more about what I desire to and think about, as opposed to a small section of my ideas and interests. I also want to get more creative and feel less concerned about the consequences of it not being a fashion related post. I just want to enjoy writing, photography, living and sharing with you all a little more.

In life terms, a camera without a delete button is the perfect way to look at things. The lack of an erase function represents both the past and the future simultaneously. You cannot delete the shots you have previously created, but if you want to do things different, learn to take a better photograph. You may not like all the exam results you have, so try revising differently. You may not like the body you have, so treat it differently, fit the right things into the frame like exercise, and make sure you don't catch the bad food into your lens. If you want to change the way you view life, try to use every develop film as a  guide to the good and bad, and use every new film as a change to embrace the positive and start again.

But there's also one more thing, and maybe the most important to learn from a little disposable camera. How many times do you take a photo before you think, okay, that's Facebook acceptable? a simple one chance camera is perfect to stop the insecurities and to start accepting somethings cant be changed. Wait a while before you get the film developed and changes are you'll see past however you looked and see only the memories the photo helped retain.

A row of photos in your room will be tinged with both happiness and a sad element. A year cannot simply just be wonder, love, laughter and late nights. It must also be work, pain and sadness. But you know what? Thats life. And life with all its mixtures and chaos, is simply beautiful. So I hope your 2013 is filled with memories; One that make you unbelievable happy, ones that make you want to change the world, and ones you'll be glad you had you camera by your side for.

                                                     Happy new year.

        What are you New Years resolutions? Or what are you aiming to do differently this year?

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

As Crystal clear as a cloudy night...

Excuses, Excuses, you may sigh - but I promise I've been meaning to blog forever. But my laptop broke, sixth form is crazy and well, who blogs over sleep? definitely not me that's for sure. I've also been super busy with lots to tell you about. I'm now a column writer, can class myself as a photographer and have had my first university interview. Crazyyyy. I also tried out a new church, which I loved for its surprises, - really old building, but then passionate evangelical teaching, all the stuff I'm sure you all know I heart by now; Love in action, working with communities, delivering hope to the hopeless. Yeah, I'm sure you get the cheesy cliched modern Christian message I'm on about! I also met the wonderful Alison Tay, style editor of Now magazine for a chat in Cavern Walks on there will be a post coming up on that ever so shortly!

I've also been collecting a few submissions for this years Christmas Project. Remember last years? A little insight to everyone's Christmas. This year I'm asking for a wishlist. Forget phones, soap and glory and plenty of DVD box sets - I'm talking about what really matters to you. Do you want a day without arguments? Or to see family you've been separated from for years? let me know if you fancy having it up on here - no names if you wish.

Its also been that long since I last blogged I've gained glasses an had a fringe cut in, and its started to grow out again. Ooopsy. Here's some of what I've been up to:

My column in local paper, "The Challenge"
read it for yourself here 

Open days and uni stuff...this is Sundeerrrlandd.

The bestest at Liverpool Fashion Live back in October, she only wanted the goody bag.

Shooting some A/W stuff for lovely Jewellery brand 16 Braunton

And me, with fringe and glasses!

    And while writing this post I've realised the hot chocolate I made has gone cold, oh well. 


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Keep your filthy paws, off my silky drawers.

The dog is clean, and my pants aren't silky, but go with my grease reference people.

Wow, an outfit post. Shocker eh? And its all just because I wanted to show you all my new jeans, and new puppy. Most definitely in that order too. I'm not a fan of 3AM barking, but what does gain my seal of approval is comfy attire this time of year. I'm sure most of you know will know my love/hate relationship with all things denim, (if not, click here) and my reluctantly to try pairs on without the comfort blanket of the high waisted tag, but when I saw a classic denim pair with the perfect stretchy fabric on Sunday, a dash to the changing rooms was only common courtesy don't you think?

I love them. They are normal Jeans. And they fit me. What else do I need to say on this matter? its just like the leather jacket/denim jacket/perfect heels dilemma facing all of us at some stage or another. I'm happy my winter wardrobe has know been guaranteed comfort and warmth thanks to the lovely Dorothy Perkins. I salute you for making me feel normal.

But more news on the little fluffy teddy bear on my hands. she's 4 months old and called Beryl. (No I did not name her, I would not inflict such cruelty on a animal) and she's starting to annoy me by being everywhere, but there's nothing nicer then coming home from a draining day in sixth form to have that cutie great you.

My UCAS form has finally be sent off, yay!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

"'I don't know why I bother."

A few days ago I ventured into town to grab some new pens to doodle with but before heading to the till I, quite obviously, detoured to the magazines. I was all wrapped up in the wonder of Taylor Swift covering the American version of 'Glamour' when seemingly out of nowhere a little old lady appeared next to me. She was rather frail and must have been around 80 years of age, but I noticed this only after I watched her pick up a copy of the latest edition of 'Talter'. The weight of the magazine looked a little overpowering for her, but as if she knew what I was thinking she told me with a little smile she didn't know why she bothered anymore, but it was quite clear that after all so many years the glossy pages she held were still her guilty pleasure. She informed me that she in fact had a token that enabled her to purchase it for only a pound ,and that was her excuse for her buying it. But her laugh told otherwise. It reminded me of the way my Nan excuses her lottery ticket buying for the excuse of possibly winning the millions! Or the way I justify a new dress for whatever occasion, no matter how minute, is soon to be on my calendar.

If you couldn't tell already, this little minute or so of my day really made me smile, and it reminded me to still keep finding pleasures in the most simplest of events. Although only speculating, I like to imagine that the lady has her piles of 'Tatler' stacked neatly somewhere, even from the very first issue she bought or was given. Maybe this magazine has been something she's enjoyed regardless of the storms of life, and even so many years later she still loves it. I'm hopefully for my future, and I like to think that I'll spend my pension on Starbucks and red lipstick, loving it just as much by then, as I do now.

I think my blog might just become dedicated to transforming the mundane.

What things will you forever love?

Monday, 22 October 2012

Boux Avenue: a note to self.


Remember that when you next walk past the branch located in Liverpool One, you absolutely, most definitely, have to take a peak inside. I'd advise you cancel all plans before heading in, for you could be in amongst the wonder of Boux Avenue for quite some time. Between the friendly attentive staff, an expert bra fitting service and individuality named changing suites (lace, anyone?) you could quite happily spend your afternoon.

Also please take note that its a treasure trove for all sorts of delights. The little gifts, such as mirrors and mini perfumes that you can claim starting from just two round gold coins will have you questioning as to why your bag has been without them for so long.

The lingerie and lounge wear will also have you debating just how much you can justify buying, and if one in every colour is a little excessive? But the different ranges and choice of light settings within the dressing areas (day, dusk and evening) will have you hooked, quite possibly forever.

                          And if still not, I'm sure the cutest slippers ever will have your heart.

                And a final word is, remember to catch up with the lovely bloggers you met!

The lovely Heidi & Jade!


Monday, 24 September 2012

Take a Trip: The Bluecoat.

In father Corcoran’s haste to kit me out with a new winter coat before even October was weeks away,  last Saturday saw us take a trip to the city centre to scout around the shops in order to find something we could both marginally agree on. He said no to leather and oversized, where as I shook my head and ran far, far away from everything he deemed suitable. We settled on a nice little navy blue number, complete with pleather additions, but I’m sure I’ll do an outfit post on it once the colder days decide to stick with us and it becomes my uniform that I only take off when I sleep. But of course, when wandering around town accumulates to a huge amount of mental shunning of my father’s style decisions what is required is to take a break of some form and head somewhere for lunch.

Queue a trip to the Bluecoat, which is like, my new favourite place ever. In search of something more then a slice of cake we first toured all the little independent shops and then chose the final door to satisfy our lunch desires, and we headed up past the poster filled wall I fell in lust with, and up to the charming bluecoat bistro.  As much as the brown leather couches were subconsciously calling me, I had to for once in my life confer with the essence of practically and select a table. I just can’t do that whole eating without something to lean on, probably because I’d manage to spill something  or drop something, or mostly probably a combinitation of them both.

From the chalk board we choose our calorie infused weapons. With Steve selecting a classic BLT on a wholemeal bread, and me finally deciding on duck spring rolls, we felt it was only a polite courtesy to indulge our curiosity with a portion of home made chunky chips.

The setting was lovely, and the place wasn't too busy. You didn't feel rushed, or that a conversation was a out of the ordinary affair. It was nice to be able to view the goings on down in the courtyard while trying out some of the food in the warmth. The staff were friendly and overall the atmosphere was definitely one I'd like to find myself in again.

The arguable point of the Bluecoat trip, the food - was lovely too. The prices were rather reasonable taking into account the place it is situated and the high quality produce and hand made elements provided.  Although I enjoyed it more then Steve, he too noted that it was "nice enough." With it being lunchtime we failed to establish what desert tasted like, but the chocolate cake I spied out of the corner of my eye seemed very inviting.

Overall, I'd recommend a little look around the Bluecoat if you've never taken the time too. The independent boutiques are a dream, and with the Liverpool Biennial currently on there will sure be something for you to feast your eyes on.

So if you do take a trip to the Bistro, let me know what you think. Steve and I certainly enjoyed it.