Monday, 23 May 2011


With Alexa being Vogue's cover girl and Adele taking to her well earned stage on Rolling Stone I was pretty content with publications this month, then who lands on my favourite magazine? my favourite obsession.
Oh yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, Florence Welsh just happens to be the headliner for Nylon's music issue. Sorry Elle, I do of course still love you, but you can't replace the all American feeling delivered by this magazine. It may lack well written articles but it insists on compensating with brilliant photographs & behind the scenes videos like no other. In a criticism its content relates to candyfloss, It makes you briefly happy, is probably twice your RDA of sugar but once you've ate it, its gone. While Elle leaves a lasting impression and I can still tell you articles from last year that stuck in my mind.  But its fair to say we all need a bit of a fairground pick me up occasionally though, especially with a helping of our favourite flame haired singer.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

FASHION & STYLE: Like some child possessed

Once upon a time I was obsessed with Florence and the machine. I had a full week phase of total adoration for the music, playing the album 'Lungs' on constant repeat. Around my head the soulful lyrics echoed and the percussion and drum beats amazed me, then quite shockingly after 7 days I halted my listening. By no means was this intended, it was just simply a reaction to having been totally immersed in all things Flo.

Then in all the same haste In which I first abandoned her did I begin to start my reunion. After listening to 'Between two lungs', 'Howl' & 'Drumming song' I can say that once again I am infatuated. I'm surprisingly glad of this sudden re awaking of my love for Florence and the machine because I know it will be a phase.

Yes, as strange as this may sound, I need more phases. Since January my wardrobe has lacked any major new passion pointing to the fact that I haven't had time.

Indeed, I've been shopping & flicked through magazines but I've not taken anything in. The utter Chaos and disorder of the last few months have made it impossible for me to actually see enough depth in something to take inspiration from it. Though being the indulgent I am, I've somehow sub consciously chosen the most stressed and unbalancing few months to do this, but I'm not complaining as Chiffon, Lace, Silk & Tulle are ever present in my imagination as of late.
you are the moon that breaks the night

I've also became captivated with long flowing items and fringing. You see,  I've missed this utter desire for clothes, even just for fabric. Its the type of getting dressed I adore, when somehow the clothes choose you. It might even mean wearing the same item again and again but its having the desire to want to wear it constantly. I'm totally in lust for all of Florence's Items and how she pairs her innocent beautiful dresses with harsh corrupted accessories such as leather and occasionally costume jewellery and sequins.

Her offstage looks are just as lovely, she's a fan of vintage is Florence. With some ankles socks, brogues and a Mulberry bag the girl is good to go, though she looks just as good in jeans, an old shirt and a pendant or three.

I'll scream my love for her from the top of my lungs.