Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Blah Blah Blah.

I have to say that i think 'blahhh' should most definitely be classed as a legitimate word,  needing no other sort of formal explanation or introduction. See, I'm blogging in bed with my duvet wrapped around me, so yeah, blahhh certainly needs no pretentious elements or extra efforts to evoke a message of how I'm currently feeling. But just in case your not getting it, it might be handy to know that I'm makeup free, sporting unbrushed hair (I know, whats new?) and my biggest, most comfiest hoodie. Which is, in case your wondering, my Kidz Klub one, though you'll never see it because i refuse to wear it in public. I find it to be the most vile shade of blue, and the only person in the whole wide world that could ever put it off, is the legend that is Dave Collier! and well,  since I'm no Dave Collier, mine is reserved for the occasions of the following; blahhh.

Three hours sleep has left me with a major headache, temperature and only enough energy to type this blog post, (and tweet/facebook/tumblr/text but shhh!) and so I had to cancel my plans for the day. Oh, many vivid images of picturesque delights of a day in Chester with the extended family were blown to pieces come 6am. I even missed out on going out for teaa! And that may make me sound sad, pathetic and like I have absolutely no social life whatsoever, but who isn't partial to some hearty conversation over lovely food past 6pm? hmm, maybe in fact its you that needs to get out more...

I was gutted with my inability to greet August with at least a little joy, because the optimist inside me loves the dawning of a new month. No Joke, I positively adore the potential that a change from 28/30/31 to a single little 1 can bring.  Its a bit cheesy I know, but I can't help but have a burning admiration for the little things in life. Its like getting to be the first swipe of the knife on a new tub of butter, untouched before you make your mark. Just like a new month in someways. Utimately, your provided with 365 days to do something different, to be something new, to er, swipe the butter. But splitting up these opportunities into 12 handy snippets is a serious way to focus your attention.

So for me I guess its goodbye to blahh, regardless. And to instead embrace a new dawn, (a neww dayyy, a new life, forrrr meeee) and decide what I'm going to do in august. I don't mean keep my room tidy, or re arrange my furniture, but I mean which ways am I going to shape the mold of the coming days in order to change the world around me a little tiny bit?  I don't quite know yet. Do you?

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