Wednesday, 5 December 2012

As Crystal clear as a cloudy night...

Excuses, Excuses, you may sigh - but I promise I've been meaning to blog forever. But my laptop broke, sixth form is crazy and well, who blogs over sleep? definitely not me that's for sure. I've also been super busy with lots to tell you about. I'm now a column writer, can class myself as a photographer and have had my first university interview. Crazyyyy. I also tried out a new church, which I loved for its surprises, - really old building, but then passionate evangelical teaching, all the stuff I'm sure you all know I heart by now; Love in action, working with communities, delivering hope to the hopeless. Yeah, I'm sure you get the cheesy cliched modern Christian message I'm on about! I also met the wonderful Alison Tay, style editor of Now magazine for a chat in Cavern Walks on there will be a post coming up on that ever so shortly!

I've also been collecting a few submissions for this years Christmas Project. Remember last years? A little insight to everyone's Christmas. This year I'm asking for a wishlist. Forget phones, soap and glory and plenty of DVD box sets - I'm talking about what really matters to you. Do you want a day without arguments? Or to see family you've been separated from for years? let me know if you fancy having it up on here - no names if you wish.

Its also been that long since I last blogged I've gained glasses an had a fringe cut in, and its started to grow out again. Ooopsy. Here's some of what I've been up to:

My column in local paper, "The Challenge"
read it for yourself here 

Open days and uni stuff...this is Sundeerrrlandd.

The bestest at Liverpool Fashion Live back in October, she only wanted the goody bag.

Shooting some A/W stuff for lovely Jewellery brand 16 Braunton

And me, with fringe and glasses!

    And while writing this post I've realised the hot chocolate I made has gone cold, oh well. 


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