Saturday, 27 October 2012

"'I don't know why I bother."

A few days ago I ventured into town to grab some new pens to doodle with but before heading to the till I, quite obviously, detoured to the magazines. I was all wrapped up in the wonder of Taylor Swift covering the American version of 'Glamour' when seemingly out of nowhere a little old lady appeared next to me. She was rather frail and must have been around 80 years of age, but I noticed this only after I watched her pick up a copy of the latest edition of 'Talter'. The weight of the magazine looked a little overpowering for her, but as if she knew what I was thinking she told me with a little smile she didn't know why she bothered anymore, but it was quite clear that after all so many years the glossy pages she held were still her guilty pleasure. She informed me that she in fact had a token that enabled her to purchase it for only a pound ,and that was her excuse for her buying it. But her laugh told otherwise. It reminded me of the way my Nan excuses her lottery ticket buying for the excuse of possibly winning the millions! Or the way I justify a new dress for whatever occasion, no matter how minute, is soon to be on my calendar.

If you couldn't tell already, this little minute or so of my day really made me smile, and it reminded me to still keep finding pleasures in the most simplest of events. Although only speculating, I like to imagine that the lady has her piles of 'Tatler' stacked neatly somewhere, even from the very first issue she bought or was given. Maybe this magazine has been something she's enjoyed regardless of the storms of life, and even so many years later she still loves it. I'm hopefully for my future, and I like to think that I'll spend my pension on Starbucks and red lipstick, loving it just as much by then, as I do now.

I think my blog might just become dedicated to transforming the mundane.

What things will you forever love?


  1. so true! i will forever love mystery novels :)

  2. This is my favourite post I've read today-made me smile! Aw that definitely reminds me of my nan who whenever she buys lottery tickets/scratchcards is like 'i dont know why i bother'. But ah well, she enjoys it so shouldnt be discouraged! + oh yeahhhh, starbucks and red lipstick are the perfect pension indulgences!
    Molly Xx

  3. Drinking tea, cuddled up in bed and reading your blog <3

  4. Such a cute post lovely lady!
    thanks for the sweet comment on my blog girl, love youuu for the alexa comment i wish haha.

  5. What a lovely post! I love moments like that! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, now having a look through yours and it's just lovely!xxx