Monday, 22 October 2012

Boux Avenue: a note to self.


Remember that when you next walk past the branch located in Liverpool One, you absolutely, most definitely, have to take a peak inside. I'd advise you cancel all plans before heading in, for you could be in amongst the wonder of Boux Avenue for quite some time. Between the friendly attentive staff, an expert bra fitting service and individuality named changing suites (lace, anyone?) you could quite happily spend your afternoon.

Also please take note that its a treasure trove for all sorts of delights. The little gifts, such as mirrors and mini perfumes that you can claim starting from just two round gold coins will have you questioning as to why your bag has been without them for so long.

The lingerie and lounge wear will also have you debating just how much you can justify buying, and if one in every colour is a little excessive? But the different ranges and choice of light settings within the dressing areas (day, dusk and evening) will have you hooked, quite possibly forever.

                          And if still not, I'm sure the cutest slippers ever will have your heart.

                And a final word is, remember to catch up with the lovely bloggers you met!

The lovely Heidi & Jade!



  1. I still haven't been in! I need to go asap :( Stumbled across your blog, found out we're the same age and from the same city's be a sin not to follow you, right? ;)

  2. very nice!
    pass by me <3

  3. I LOVE those cat slippers so cute oh my god! Thank you for my comment x