Friday, 13 July 2012

A list to myself...

                              I've forever giving advice, I think its time to take my own.

1. Get healthy.
 Going a day (or two) without drinking ANYTHING is really not a wise move is it? your lack of water and vitamins is starting to show in your ever tired and puffy eyes, the headaches, and come on, at times your quite literally seeing stars. I don't care if you hate the taste of strawberries, they look so lovely, so start eating them. And swap your Mango and Passion fruit cooler from Costa to some actually mango's and passionate fruits. Take a bottle of water with you wherever you go, and be in bed by midnight, every night. You know you'll regret it come 8AM if you don't. 

2. Start thinking. Even though all you've heard in the past month is "university" the summer does not mean its time to stop. Although Staying up till 2AM on the UCAS website course hunting was not your best idea, its time to get serious. You've never been quite so stressed as much as this, so get list making, colour coding. get deciding. Life aint going to be candy canes and sugar plums i'm afraid, so get your act together and start making choices. 

3. Get organized.  Don't blame your busy schedule, and just learn to keep your room tidy for more then 5 minutes. Its claustrophobic when you  have to strategically get from your unmade bed to the door without standing on clothes, or books, or plugs, or well, anything.   And don't go all crazy, but please, buy some sort of filing system. Your always stressed cause your brain can't take anymore. 

4. Seek God.  Jess, what on earth have you been doing for the past few months? I know you wish you could grow back down and be thirteen all over again, but its time to face the mistakes and the seemingly ever piling list of bad character traits that make you question just who you've become. Your still there somewhere, just find God, and you'll begin to find yourself again. 

5. Get inspired.  Fall in love with your camera all over again, remember what it feels like to watch a film and want to change the world. Spark conversations with people that make you want to be a better human being.  Get reading, but most importantly, get writing. If you want to have houses in Paris and New York you better start writing your novel that will outsell 50 shades of grey.

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