Tuesday, 18 October 2011

RELIGION: One thing remains.

Think of that song that seems to sum up everything your going through at a particular time or one that hits you and leaves you stunned at its power. I found a song that caught me and refused to let go. I'd heard it first at a youth event that had taken place in my church. The worship had been amazing and I'd never felt as free and connected to God in my own church before, other events maybe, and things like Bakewell of course, but never in Roby before that night had I felt so overjoyed and connected into the worship.

One night on a major youtube trawl did I once again stumble upon it. The words of the verses, the chorus, the bridge. Every single part of the song totally overwhelmed me, like I'd finally realised that I wasn't choosing when I was living for God, he was instead choosing me. The thing that got through to me the most was the amazing love he has for every single one of us. He is always there, and he wants to do everything to show us that and to try make us understand how much he cares. Ask me this time last year if I was a christian? my response would truthfully be no. I was struggling through a lot and I had felt like God had completely abandoned me. I know can look back and realise that I know I was honestly completely surrounded my God's love through the blessings he had surrounded me with. Without all the suffering I've been through in the past year I know I would not be who I am now nor would I have such absolute faith and passion for God.

I might not have seen God's presence in a straightforward sense, but I see that he never let me fall. I had to be away from him personally, to be able to come back and have a deeper relationship. He surrounded me with his love through others, I was kept going through the amazing Christians that surrounded me. No matter what, the where four people in particular that sustained me and where there when no one else was.

I may have thought that God was nowhere to be seen when in fact he was absolutely everywhere. To thank them by name dropping:  Rebecca, Martin, Megan & Ben allowed God to use them and shine through them in order to get to me. I was never alone, Never without God. I'm blessed to have had these people help me and the many others that have been there for me too.

        "Your love never fails, it never gives up. It never runs out on me."

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