Wednesday, 19 October 2011

ADVERTISING: What did you say?

Now something I’ve never particularly expanded on before is the concept of design beyond the realms of fashion. Yes indeed, I’ve touched on the art form that a classic Prada dress could be, but I’ve never physically explained to you all my love for lettering. This infatuation I possess with big, bold letters is one I think that stems into my addiction with printed T-shirts, although any colour will do there’s nothing more powerful than a stark black statement emblazoned across an otherwise freshly white canvas.

Now let’s transfer this into advertising. When flicking though a glossy magazine or a Sunday paper supplement, my eyes are drawn to the simple headings over swirly calligraphy instantly. The way the brand states there name is crucially important. With Chanel boldly yet somehow simply printed across a screen back dropped with Freja Beha Erichsen it demands a sort of attention and arrogance that only a company like Chanel could.

 Take for example also both Marc Jacob’s current and previous ads. Although smaller in size the name, the impact is still heavily there. This season we see prints of Helena Bonham Carter but we’ve also seen Dakota Fanning and Victoria Beckham feature. Regardless of the type of woman we’d expect to fulfil the perfect brand image, by the simple statement of the capital black letters we are totally and utterly assured that they are what Marc Jacobs deems to be his type of girl above and beyond our recognitions of her.

This is what I love, the simple play of graphics and imagery that comes into play to help transfer a product from the designers show or studio into a full fledge product we need. What ever way your sold an item, do not my friends underestimate the power of words, or even just the type of word. Sometimes, advertising speaks for itself.

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