Tuesday, 4 October 2011

FASHION & STYLE: Oh My Mulberry

I’ve told myself far to many times to unsubscribe from the regular Mulberry emails that inform me of new products and items, but I just can’t bring myself to . It’s a well known theory that I spend most of my time gazing longingly at clothing and accessories I can only dream of buying. An obviously mathematically equation is that, the higher the price of the item, the more my wardrobe seems to need it. It’s ever the case on a Mulberry email day.

See, its okay if I get straight to my blackberry, I’ve the willpower to ceremoniously refuse to look. Though when my guards down and I’m sat unsuspectingly with my laptop, who knows my possible reaction to all the wonder and glory that waits. I just can’t help myself, accidentally clicking not only on the actual email but then the link to the brands online label itself, and then I’m caught. Hook. Line. and sinker.

As always in my girly tendencies I’m swayed to a dress. Now, alone on the ad campaign was somewhat bearable, deep breaths and a quick away glance when my eyes hit its smooth glossiness during a session of devouring a magazine. Simply flick the page and pretend that I haven’t even noticed It all. When someone says “Mulberry” you must whisper, “think the lily bag, don’t even think of the dress”. But oh my, its risky business when you find yourself directly admiring its true loveliness for the first time.

Take in the perfect shape and the smooth silk material. Its quality even so visible from a computer screen, the colour, like a bright crackling firework exploding to brighten up our lives that before this, we just couldn’t see true colour. Pared with subtle embellishments, a glorious peter pan collar above the 3 simple buttons; the dress makes perfect wear. Day time, Night time, anytime.

A simple versatility of this level is only achieved by a brand like Mulberry. Yes, you’re all going to hear about the “Alexa” again. It became the bag to have, yet placed on it was nothing over the top, its was simple, and because of that, it was beautiful. I feel we see that echoed in the creation of this dress, it can be a statement. Or it cannot. But regardless of the way you want to wear it, it’s something incredibly special. I wish so much for it to be mine, a hopeless wish it indeed may be, but one that hold substance. With an item like this it becomes not fashion, but style, and art. And owning a valuable piece of art like this, is well, priceless.
and don't even get me started on the shoes
                                                                                Dress - Mulberry, £1,400

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