Thursday, 29 September 2011

BOOKS & MAGAZINES: No kindle for me.

When it comes to film and television, we can take a lot of style inspiration without even physically realising. But its only when fiction role play is shaped in the form of hundreds of pages of words and shaped to create a much deeper character do we really start to strive to be like the supposed person in question. I know that in all my 16 years, I've been shaped by various different mediums but never has anything resided over books in the list of items able to transform me.

One particular author is the root of my ever present love affair of books. That ladies and gentleman is Jacqueline Wilson. I've read pretty much every single book she'd wrote before I turned 13. (I tore myself away a bit before this age, 'Kiss' just did not live up to my expectations I'm afraid) It may be strange to say I owe a person I've never met so much, but its ultimately completely true. Not only did Wilson spark a desire in me to write, she also made me want to expand my literacy knowledge,  although I've still never got round to reading Anne Frank's diary despite the fact I hopefully pined to find the text after reading 'Secrets'.

As I grow up I need to start finding novels that will yet again deliver the same connection that I found with practically each one of Jacqueline Wilson's books. On odd occasions I've discovered a few, namely 'Lets get lost' & 'Pretty Things' by Sara Manning and 'Everything beautiful' by Simmone Howell. I could name to you a few more but no more then 5 could be added to the list at this present time. A reason for this is the simply the lack of time I've had to get lost in a good book, so taking English at A Level brings at least one advantage.

I've finally got my hands on a copy of 'the Virgin Suicides' that I've been eager to read for an age, especially since I saw the film a year or two ago. I wonder If this could quite possibly be a book to shape my current identity in some way. Although I've not yet hit half way in the book, I'm already begining to be captivated by the idea of the long flowing, raggedy hemmed wedding dress the youngest Lisbon sister is mentioned as always wearing before she takes her last breath and leaps. Even if I don't take anything from the story itself, I know I'm going to be left somewhat facinated with the front cover of the book. I just love the picture.

Once I've finished it, I'll let you all know my thoughts and opinions as to if it really lives up to its hype. And as to its depth of impact on me.

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