Thursday, 17 November 2011

TLT: nothing quite like a letter...

I guess this post is a little overdue considering the length of time ago I actually received this letter, but no time like the present eh?

I thought I'd start my first "TLT:" (The little things) by telling you about the absolutely delightful letter I received from one of my best friends who's away at uni. Its not an exaggeration that this letter actually made my day, more then any tweet, text, inbox or email ever could. See the beauty of a letter is that you cannot just write one on a whim, it requires a fair bit of thought for the content your going to add, then there's the extra hassle of finding a envelope, a stamp and a good old red postbox. So when one does happen to arrive on your doorstep, its lovely to realise someone has gone to that amount of effort to keep in touch and inform you all about the latest goings on in their lives.

A letter is also adorably personal; you can't see somebody's messy scrawl on a blackberry screen nor can you feel the emotion in the words with only the shortened versions and the lack of punctuation that seem to demand attention on the internet. A letter is very old fashioned in the context of today, but that makes me love the idea of them just a little bit more. I nearly cried when I'd finished meg's letter, I'd forgotton just how much I had missed her. Although texts & facebook have kept us constanly talking, I felt with this letter I'd done some listening.

I just need to sit down and write a reply...


  1. Dude, you haven't received one of my letters!!! I used to decorate them with all sorts. Beautiful blog tho, reminds me of me and the Ruth Hannah b!

  2. ahhh i'll have to see one sometime! sounds very cool, thank you! xx