Thursday, 29 September 2011

MISC: Onwards & Upwards.

A giant hello to my ever growing beautiful collection of readers! A big thank you is in order to well, every single one of you. Whether you've been a dedicated reader/stalker from the start or even if this is the first time you've uncovered my hopefully somewhat poetic rambles you deserve to know how unbelievable grateful I am. Just the basic fact of you even clicking a link or leaving me a comment thrills me with such utter Joy. I'm so blessed to have a huge collection of you who regularly go out of your way to read my latest update. Believe me, there's nothing like wearing something out and having someone say, "Oh my word, its the shoes from your blog". Or , when shopping you bump into a reader and they tell you that they are buying dungarees because you wrote about them.

That feeling that I can have such an positive influence on you makes me realise how blessed I am. I hope that through the words I write on here, I can make you want to be yourself instead of hiding behind a mask. And I pray that I can keep the religious among you inspired and on fire for Jesus, or even begin to consider him for the first time.

With all this in mind, I made a pledge. If you haven't set your eyes upon it yet you can simply click here. The basic idea was to give something back to you in some way, And I thought a more clear outline of what I want this blog to be about may aid both me and you equally. I wrote about posting my day to day fashion adventures more often, so here you all are.

A confession is owed to you who don't see me on a daily basis, I wore this dress for sixth form and its actually a part of my personal uniform that I'm not even allowed to really wear,  but shhh! Its a start for now. I do completely apologize for not doing them before this date, I've only just discovered how to actually work my tripod and the idea of doing an awkward pose for a camera someone else is holding is completely disconcerting.

I'd also thought I'd let you all in on seeing some of my wall! All the writing are some of my favourite bible verses which I one day might do a separate blog post on, but until next time.

Jesus, Love & Fashion.

Jess xxx

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