Thursday, 2 February 2012

My January.

1. Opportunities have arose in many a shape over the past month. Not only am I now running Ignite (the schools Christian lunchtime group) I'm also at F.Y.I & Kidz Klub! Although their not new in fitting into my schedule its great to have regular chances to tell people about God! I also took whole school assembly on Monday (were talking like 800 people, ahhhhh!) Around the themes of the Holocaust & acceptance of difference in society...It was amazing to be able to have a chance to really make many people think on such an important topic.

2. I've not read a book in such a long time. And I've really missed sitting down and soaking up wonderful descriptions and thoughts, so this month I started reading the help, and I'm seriously trying to spend a little time each day getting lost in a book, I've missed invading the world of a character on a regular basis.

3. Something new comes in the form of making videos! For the previous two weeks after FYI we've took a few photos...and then I've sped them up and added a song to turn them into watchable videos...So far we've did one for "The Tim Gill dance" (its a St. Barts thing) and 'I will worship you for who you are'. If you want to see them go to my YouTube channel which of course is, Holy Tightss.

4. Possibly the best way to ever spend a Friday morning is at Work experience. Big shocker for you all when I say I'm doing it in church, bet you would have never guessed that one now would you? its been really fun to just have a chatt & plan stuff for things like FYI or Ignite! We are also going to start fashion show planning, excited much!

5.Some of you will know I'm impatient at the best of times. I just always want to know whats going to happen and the thought of having it revealed to me piece by piece is an idea I particularly struggle with! But God's plan is unfolding, particularly with this summer. Its so strange to see life is really like a jigsaw! I still want to cry everytime uni or the thought of the future is mentioned, but i'm getting there!

6. I've started listing everything good that happens in the week, every week! Its really good to help you focus on all the good things, no matter how little they might be! maybe you should try it out!

7. January has meant far too many evenings & weekends spent in scruffy clothes, textbook in front of my face! Revision over Christmas time was horrible but I guess I made it through! Sixth form has started all the Uni talk, and I'm so undecided about EVERYTHING!

8. I need to be more creative, that's all.

9. Fashion is just not who I am anymore. Its crazy, and its strange, but its true. I don't know what this means for Holy Tightss either, I'm not giving up blogging by any means, and I'll alwaysssssssss love clothes, but I'm just a bit unsure at the moment!

Hope you have all had a brilliant month! I'll blog again (on who knows what?!) soon enough!

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