Friday, 5 August 2011

FASHION & STYLE: Girl meets boy- A size 6 step to far?

There I was, some sort of story half planned in my mind as a entered the queue.  Constantly trying to reassure myself that I was not deluded and that yeah, it was in fact totally acceptable. I was just taking androgyny to the next level- obviously. I'd already prepared myself for future questions among the likes of "Ooh, where are they from?" with a quick barely audible monotone response of "*cough* Cedar wood state" before I turned on my flat soles and ran. Yes, I did, don't judge me. I bought myself a pair of shoes, mens shoes. Its somewhat okay though (isn't it?) I mean they are only from Primark. Admittedly, the price did take a huge chuck of there selling point, £15 reduced to the very three pound coins just sitting leisurely in my purse, what girl could possibily resist the charm of such a discount? In my haste I just sort of snatched them and hoped for the best.

I mean every girl has, or at least should have worn an item of clothing stolen from a male she knows, but no - you don't need to show me the hoodie you took to prove it. Though in the idea of actually buying something intended solely for males, I feel oh so slightly nervous. Cardi's, yep, Blazer, yeah. However a pair of shoes? I just don't know.

In theory adorning your feet with masculinity in a definate thing to try out occasionally, hello brouges and loafters. With A/W providing the ultimate seal of approval I just took a leap, like dip dying all over again.
See, I'm both loving and hating my feet sizing in unison. If they were just a tad smaller I would not have been able to buy them, therefore this blog post would have been non exsistant and if my feet hadn't have been this size, I would not have been able to wear them. Take the dilemma into your own hands and be the jury if you'd like, but I do urge you to try out some androgyny come september. Maybe just not a pair of actual man shoes.


  1. love the shoes, gorgeous!

  2. I always ponder about shoes a lot too! I have blogged about my latest shoes purchases - they're very insensible and very uncomfortable! Why do us girls do this to our poor feet?! xxx