Thursday, 18 August 2011

BEAUTY: A morning burst, for the blog and my skin.

I'm expanding, ahhhhh! No, don't look at me like that...It wasn't some big trail of thought I've been pondering on for months and I haven't carefully selected what I thought would be the exact right time to tell all you lovely readers, I washed my face, its as honest, boring and simple as that. I'm going to start writing about beauty!
Its not like I'm going to change my name to "Holy Shiny Tightss" or anything, I mean  although beauty is a huge topic in its own right It almost comes under the wide umbrella of fashion so I reckon I'm pretty alright in leaving it as it is. To clarify, I'm no beauty expert, but as always I've an opinion and that's what matters.

Anyway, back to the washing of the face... I'm basically going to do a little ramble of a product I just bought and tell all of you who haven't already got bored or my new venture about my skincare regime, or well, current lack of one. Lets just say I'm blessed to have pretty good skin, I hardly ever get spots and its pretty  smooth. Before I turned 14 I did the works, I'd cleanse, tone and moisturise every night without fail. Then for some unexplainable reason I simply halted it, blame it to increased levels of laziness and a decreased level of actually caring about my skin, I did indeed take it for granted!

I decided today my skin was a little bit, well lacking. Lacking in what I don't know exactly but its worth a shot at a new product isn't it?

I bought 'Clean & Clear' Morning energy down to the highly scientific reason of it smelling nice. (it really does, its supposedly lemon and papaya but since I've never smelt a papaya I'm trusting the lovely, fruit smell is not entirely artificial) and although it may be 11 at night, I decided to give it ago. I really like it and I'd recommend it if you feel your face needs a bit of a brightening up or a burst of energy. its exfoliating enough to make you feel as though your making progress with your skin even after using it just once without over doing it like some exfoliaters that often make your skin feel quite dried out and sometimes even sore if the face wash itself quite strong and takes a deep cleansing approach.

Its definitely a product that will remain a regular fixture on my bathroom shelf, especially for the coming Autumn and Winter months that can really play havoc with your skin and leave it feeling every dried out.

hmm...I'm thinking "Holy Shiny Tightss" after all...until next time...

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  1. love your blog :) x