Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Christmas for me begins on Christmas eve, not because I'm just impatient and celebrate it a day earlier than everyone else but because as a tradition our youth group goes round peoples houses singing carols til midnight. the freezing cold and singing 'away in a manger' for the 12th time... are all worth it, not just because of all the free sweets and drinks but because of time spent with friends making people smile and as midnight rolls in being able to enjoy welcoming Christmas with people you love.

Christmas day follows tradition, me my brother and sister all line up at the top of the stairs waiting for my dad to scream...yeh scream ;);)... then we're allowed to come down see the presents and hear the Christmas CD playing, after opening them all I have my Christmas bowl of coco pops and head off to church for a festive service.

then the real fun begins .. Christmas dinner ... I would argue there is nothing better, the mountains of food, the Christmas crackers, the drinks and the family all merge together to form one of my yearly highlights.This year will be special as my brother moves to France early January for a few months so I'm gonna really appreciate this family time together.

throw in a visit to my girlfriend Kate's... a few Christmas films, a whole tube of pringles, trying out every present just because you can...nothing wrong with wearing every new pair of socks and boxies I'll get... but anyways yeah I love Christmas and I'm so thankful for all the friends and family I have to share it with :):)

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