Saturday, 10 December 2011


My Christmas starts on Christmas eve night, normally when we are all fighting to get a shower before going to church. It's that moment when we walk in to church and sit down to watch the Nativity that I know it's Christmas.Church is normally packed on Christmas eve and so you always end up sitting on a family members knee, and practically the person next to you! We stop off at my aunts on the way back for mince pies and then finally make our way home. By this point my parents are rushing around and trying to convince us to go to bed so the presents can be delivered. Even though we are all older now we still put out our stockings, a glass of brandy, a mince pie and a carrot! Christmas morning we gather around opening our new items and discussing which we enjoy, then the cooking starts!  It's best to remain out the kitchen for this section of the day, normally a good time to go visit family:) When we come back we settle down to a meal twice as big as you can eat! After this it's time for presents from close family members and a time to show our appreciation for each other.

I think that Christmas is a time when you live inside your own bubble. Not this 'own little world' that people talk about when they mean for someone to be selfish, but a different type of world. It's a time when most people wish for the same things presents under the tree, food on the table, parties and most of all a time that we can share with the family around us and those who we love the most. I think that it was Christmas is all about. It may not seem the most religious view, but to me it is. I know that Jesus came in order to save us from our sins, but by doing this he brought together a family for worshipping God. That's why I think that spending time with family and loved ones is the most important part of Christmas, what a great way of honouring Jesus by joining as a family together.

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